Transmuting the Fear Mongering

There is a serious attack happening on fundamental right of free speech. The main point I wish to make is that while this is a real problem that should not be underestimated, it does have an aspect of it that we can transform for a positive meaning. In other words, we can perceive this fear-mongering attack simultaneously as a sign our work is truly having an effect on humanity that is threatening to the State’s control.

For the State’s greatest staple of power is ideological; the manipulation of the minds and hearts of humanity. It appears that the State is beginning to lose the war on information. Yet, the State must maintain the perception of its subjects for its control; independent and intellectual thought is the most detrimental weapon to a State and always has been.

That being said, free speech is even more than a right: it is an essential tool for freedom. The bold attack on free speech portrays that there are ripples being created that are so threatening to the State authority that it actually needsto ban expressions as trivial as memes, for its mere protection. This illustrates evermore how feeble its power really is, for something as simple as witty pictures with words on them are threatening a massive government. In broader terms, showing that individuals simply breaking their minds out of the engineered mold is highly detrimental to their great illusion. They know this, and it is why they are trying to crack down.

This portrays the notion that individuals are more empowered than they realize with the art and information they view, share, and create. The impact memes, let alone writing, speaking, music, etc., are having on the collective mind is so powerful that the State must work to ban and demonize even the seemingly most insignificant of human expressions.

In this way, while these recent events are dark indeed, we can also pull some encouragement knowing that our actions are having a great impact on the world around us.. for they are reaching the minds and hearts of humanity, slowly but surely causing a wave of questions that conflict greatly with the State’s agenda. We should not be discouraged by this tyranny, but realize this affirms that we are actually capable of transforming the state of the world through independent thought, free speech, and the many other strategies that are born of these things. We can choose to not be victimized by this attack, but use intelligence and innovation to see this roadblock as something that can make us, as a movement towards freedom and peace, even stronger.

Free speech and human expression is a powerful tool that every individual has to influence the world around them, and the State affirms this by being threatened by it.

Thank you for listening!

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