Social Revolution on the Blockchain

New social media platforms on the blockchain are pioneering human communication.!/v/ladyofliberty/5p0exsbw (DTube)

As Socrates famously said, “The secret of change is focusing all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” This is true in the realm of social media, where mainstream platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) are making noticeable changes to align with their Orwellian agenda of censorship, mass mind control, and social engineering. While the negative measures these entities take to quiet the inconvenience (or rather, danger) of free thought are disheartening, they affirm the demand for better services: a growing demand that is being supplied through countless individuals building it on the blockchain. This technology gives us, if we so choose, the ability to create amazing projects that change the course of human history for the better.

The irony of the downfall of mainstream social platforms is so strong that it makes one have to really acknowledge the simulation-like nature of reality at this time. I mean to say, these quasi-State companies rushing to regulate culture are only causing more splinters of counter-culture to emerge and organize, increasing the revelation of the need for a communication revolution among visionaries. By trying to enforce censorship, they are only increasing the creation of platforms that have the potential to out-compete them in more ways than censorship alone.

As a weapon of mass mind control, social media has become the “new and improved” mainstream television. It is a more effective and interactive form of conditioning. However, the disturbing tactics of social media on the collective mind don’t have to manifest if we choose to be proactive about it, by redirecting our energy (data, money, time, etc.) from the social medias we don’t want to thrive, and rather spending it on contributing to platforms that directly promote freedom and prosperity. This is the agorist power of an individual’s economic influence at work in the free market, if we so choose.

Even more beautiful is that these alternative platforms meet not only the demand of uncensored media, but that they are providing a product that actually out-competes the main platforms in multiple ways. Decentralized social platforms on the blockchain are important new tools for communication as well as another bright example of the market creating solutions through better alternatives.

In my case, I came here for the free speech and stayed for the many advantages I receive as a content creator that I wish to summarize in this article.

Benefits of Social Media on the Blockchain

Decentralized Technology

We have only begun to understand the power of the blockchain. While at first it appeared as a technology that only benefits those oddball, economic freedom-obsessed Libertarians living on the fringe of society such as myself, we are coming to find it has purpose in solving many problems for many different kinds of people. From helping those in poor countries to buy food, to crowdfunding rape victims, to shining a bright light on the corruption of centralized banking… the list goes on. The concept of a decentralized, open-source ledger has opened the door for new solutions that we have never had before and even the most tech-savvy among us cannot fully know the inestimable potential currently at our disposal with this upcoming technology.

Incentivized Individuals

Simply put, mainstream media platforms make bank off of you and your data. They get you addicted to their website, capitalize off your data, store and analyze it for God knows what, and now attempt to engineer culture even more through this censorship plot. Truly, the main incentive of such websites is addiction and laziness. I leave out the word convenience purposely, for how convenient is getting robbed?

On the other hand, one of the main staples of blockchain platforms is you have an incentive, as you are often rewarded for your participation in the advancement of the specific blockchain project. For example, being rewarded tokens for contributing good quality content to the website. In the case of Steemit, you can earn tokens that have real monetary value in the market. As any kind of content creator, this is a much needed breakthrough to help creative people support themselves financially through a peer-to-peer crowdfunding mechanism.

Better Community

Not only is the individual incentivized to contribute by earning profit, but the community as a whole is naturally incentivized to help the project thrive, leading to a better online environment altogether. While being able to profit off their work is a given for motivating people, there is also a more philosophical aspect of collectively wanting to help create a platform that benefits so many individuals, by the mere acts of sharing and appreciating great, original content.

This is quite possibly one of my favorite aspects about these new platforms, for the incentive of high quality feedback is also heightened. It surely shows in the comment section alone, where on Steemit you will often find thorough, well-written responses, as opposed to the all too familiar comment sections of Facebook.

Consistency is important no matter what you are trying to accomplish. With platforms like Steemit, you find quality over quantity. While some are still discouraged by the lack of numbers of users on Steemit as compared to Facebook, the degree of high quality content, users, rewards, and incentives makes these platforms far more valuable than the main ones today that are overcrowded with useless material and uninterested readers.

The power in opening up the door to better connections and discussions globally should not be underestimated. In trying to spread freedom and peace, we should stay focused on these advancements being made, even if they aren’t recognized by the masses: perhaps that is not a bad thing. To reiterate, quality over quantity.

Uncensored, High Quality Content

These platforms unleash a domain for independent art and media to market and capitalize unlike ever before.One can find an abundance of high quality ideas, articles, music, blogs, creative writings, etc and directly support the people you think deserve it. This is correlated to the community as well, as it creates a vast domain of many authentic and thought-out contributions.


As mainstream media falls, we must keepybuilding better alternatives. As people wake up, the stakes are high to keep mass minds subdued in the illusion of an engineered culture, and so social media plays a large role in the plan to hold back independent thought and naturally, human evolution. It is in the hands of those with intelligence and integrity to realize this and effectively be the change they wish to see. This shift from mind-control to freedom cannot happen without consicous individuals initiating it, as the masses are bound to follow whatever direction the leaders of the time take.

Looking at the benefits of such platforms, it seems the innovation of humanity holds more gravity than meets the eye. I make this article not only to highlight my favorite aspects of this new technology but also as encouragement that it is noticeably effective as well as necessary in promoting freedom. Freedom of speech, thought, feeling, and expression is our greatest tool in trying to create a more free and peaceful world and we must use this to our advantage as much as possible.

Media is a huge part of how we perceive and act in the world; it shapes how we create our reality both as individuals and as a whole. It has become a staple of modern communication; it is ultimately up to the free will of individuals who will decide the direction it takes. Free speech is more than a right, it is a powerful tool we all have to influence the change we wish to see in humanity.

Be the change you wish to see in the world: use blockchain social medias today!

Thanks for reading!

I would love to connect with all new and old friends on these platforms!




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