Cristina discusses loving your body and body hair.

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    It IS important to guide and teach by example (as hard as it can be to see one’s actions). Thanks for your share. It hadn’t yet occurred to me that I could use growing hair as a way to teach my daughter (now 17 months old) about loving and respecting her own body. Very true. I started shaving because my mom told me I had to. Not because I had thought anything was wrong with having hairy legs! Now, I don’t shave but it’s simply because I don’t like razor bumps and yeah, a bit lazy. I work from home. I’m simply laid back. I will go 4-6 months or as long as I am wearing clothes that hide my arm pit hair. Leg and arm hair, I have it…and I don’t mind it (it’s very sporadic and light on my legs). But definitely, I will feel ashamed or have some discomfort showing off armpit hair that matches (or beats) my 14 yr old son’s arm pit hair! Again, great insight. I will keep this in mind as my daughter gets older and able to have more insightful back and forth communication. For now, I’ll continue to be mindful about what she’s observing.


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