Why so much hate!? What is going on?

Sadly so much propaganda on TV can persuade the viewers emotions and actions. It’s another form of mind control. Many people also suffer from Cognitive Dissonance. Our community has been conditioned to deem people crazy or make fun of the unknown or unfamiliar.

“Conspiracy theorist” is one among many other terms commonly used towards people that will not conform to an oppressive, controlling government. Why should we?

This is a takeover by design of our country. The undocumented people are victims just like you and I! People have the right to search for a better way of living. Who are we to say where or when individuals can migrate?

However, I do feel there is a responsibility not being upheld by the government. My way of giving back is heading to shelters here in El Paso, Texas, where many will be sheltered, to volunteer and maybe change their perspective towards the situation that they are unaware of.

Many were brought here on false promises, while others were forced to flee their country or face death. We must take action fast. From my perspective, I believe we should make these people our friends and teach them about the ways the US government has been taken by evil.

I’m sure once presented with the facts, and being treated with the dignity that every human deserves, they will come around and open up to the reality that the real criminals are in suits in Washington. These same criminals support the dangerous cartels. The cartels have flooded our streets. They are well protected, armed and dangerous.

These guys are out here running drugs, supplied with weapons from the US government. This is all declassified information from the exposed Operation Fast and Furious. Don’t believe the hype from the “mainstream” news. Even some of the independent/alternative media can be a bit edgy or racy. Alex Jones, for example, is usually pretty on point, but it is my opinion he can also be a bit racial at times.

Do your own research. Think for yourself, please, just think critically.

I will be following up next week with a report and interviews from immigrants in El Paso, Texas.

Stay tuned next Sunday.  Good vibes to you and thanks for stopping by.

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