What is an Exitarian? Discussing exiting “anarchist politics”, opening up the free market of governance, and implementing it in the real world in an actual framework of free, decentralized communities.


Friends, we are the pioneers of a post-political world.

We seek to accomplish the freeing of humanity from the bounds of a violent, psychopathic elitist dominion, and into a decentralized paradigm of different, yet inter-working communities; achieving a world of peace, prosperity, and onto the next part of our human evolution.

As you know, it is vital that we begin to evolve the one element of physical humanity that has not evolved in centuries and is the central tool of elitist control: governance.

It will involve intelligence, creativity, and compassion-as far as at least understanding and respecting you fellow race as yourself.

In being the pioneers of this, we must continue to develop our ideas effectively. This means we need to be aware of our own weaknesses (as individuals and as the collective movement), and then work towards debugging them. It is without doubt that the infighting of our community is one of, if not the biggest, weakness we have.

In this message I will express an idea that can shed light on this issue to debug it, while also opening up a new perspective and finally how this idea can be applied in the real world towards practical solutions for decentralization.

That being said, lets dive into the topic: what is an Exitarian?

To be an Exitarian is to exit from politics and the shallow surface of human structure that it represents, entirely.

Many Anarchists scorn Statists that distract themselves arguing over politics, presidents, parties, etc. Yet, likely out of unconscious habit, follow in their footsteps in that they argue over what I want to call anarchist politics. And I don’t mean friendly arguments that seek new conclusions. I’m talking the strangely aggressive “Oh you don’t agree with me, you’re not a real anarchist” arguments; the infighting that does plague this movement and represents people living out their own suppressed memories with authority and not actually trying to work towards solutions.

We consciously know that a one universal system of governance could  never harmoniously work.  In the post-political world, there will be many different kinds of governance systems co-existing and collaborating. The world is a vast array of different kinds of individuals, ideas, cultures, geographies. etc. Even within the sphere of our own personal ideological theory, we find many differences in how such systems should operate. There isn’t one objective, correct idea in this matter. Yet, some people feel so emotionally defensive over these ideas they unconsciously fight just the same as Statists they mock.

It is time for real intelligent solutions and to move on from this because it is counter-productive, unnecessary, and truly a distraction from what we are actually trying to accomplish here. Aside from being a distraction of energy, it is one of the first aspects the feds will milk to infiltrate this movement. This movement has been a joke to them for a long time, but now is the time when it is really beginning to grow and spread effectively. I have a deep intuition that soon approaches the time when we are a real threat to their power, and we will really have to be vigilant of their tactics they implement to infiltrate. History shows us they will target the infighting card. So we can’t succumb to these weak mental tendencies anymore, we real have to transcend this notion of “anarchist politics” and the aggressive fighting of different policies.

So being consistent with our idea of exiting politics and creating an efficient post-political world with a market of communities, we should be practical in understanding that our favorite kind of economic structure (our specific flavor of anarchy) is NOT the only kind, nor should it be. To get meta with the love of the free-market, that isn’t even what the free market represents. In a true free market (emphasis on the free) of the post-political world, there will be countless kinds of interconnected governance systems working together; for there is no one correct end-all governance that ought to be imposed on the globe. As anarchists, we should recognize this (it being the foundation of anarchy), rather than unleash emotional inner demons on any Being that dares to disagree with our own subjective truth. This goes for within our ideological realm and even outside of it.

As an example, I personally resonate with agorism and anarcho-capitalism; I’m an individualist by nature. So naturally, I hate the system of communism and socialism with every fiber of my being. You would not catch me even in hell living in such a system by voluntary will. Yet some people really want that governance of collective welfare, and who am I to tell them that they can’t practice and experiment with these policies just because I don’t resonate with them? It isn’t wrong. As long as I am not involved in their commune, or any person involuntarily is, it doesn’t bother me.  A main issue of communism has always been it is inflicted by force on people like me. Perhaps in the market, in a community where all individuals want to live under such a system, it could work for them? Maybe with the power of voluntary interaction and experimental testing, we could actually see a successful model of communism. Or maybe not, maybe it truly is impossible, and after such voluntary experiments maybe thats when communism can finally die.

In a free market of governance, just like any other market, there will be successful and unsuccessful models. This is helpful. In the long run, these models of governance will serve to teach us the benefits and weaknesses of certain policies. As a free market, it will also work as a feedback mechanism through profit and loss so that the systems of governance that serve the individuals and communities best will thrive and grow and spread their ideas, while the ones that are bad, wasteful or unpeaceful will fail and fall. Both of these dualities will ultimately be helpful to develop from. Through practicing this and studying it, we will begin to understand the science of living together; the art of community; the system of governance.

To be an Exitarian is to understand and appreciate this: that different economic systems can and will exist. It is a solution because it doesn’t ask you to compromise your personal ideas and beliefs at all, while intelligently accepting that they can coexist just fine among others. It is to respect that there can’t be one universal theory/practice, and as long as the system is voluntary, there really shouldn’t be. Furthermore, in the nature of a market, when different economical ideas get implemented, it serves as a true model and experiment for what exactly a good and a bad governance is through its profit and loss, like an entrepreneurship does. It serves us knowledge we really need to experiment with to understand.

When you are an Exitarian, the arguing of ideas in anarchist politics holds a lot less practical value. The real value is in building, creating, working, actually making physical effects of your idea in this world. It is the essence of being the change you wish to see. When individuals begin to live out and produce these results, this is when the market of governance starts to really open up, which ultimately allows for the disagreeable nation-states existing out of force to be competed with. They will likely be out-competed into their own demise, unless they choose to adapt wisely, as they are very violent, inefficient, old-fashioned, and unpopular to most people.

For our theories to have any real meaning and to be launched into actual reality, it will involve the practice of them. The proof is truly in the pudding, not just in arguing thoughts but in actually BUILDING models of them.

Real World Application of the Market of Governance

There are many real examples and practices we can participate in towards the opening up of the market of governance towards decentralization.

One mechanism through which we can create this market is a large scale implementation of agorism: startup societies: special economic zones, private cities, seasteads, ecovillages, green cities, micro-nations. These are real models of new kinds of governances, and they exist all over the world in the thousands. There are also amazing organizations beginning to study, experiment, and implement these different types of governances(which I will link to below). I really admire them as I believe they are building unparalleled and profound things in the world.

Another mechanism is the Agorist strategies we talk about so frequently on the Conscious Resistance Network. As an agorist, even if you can’t quite start or join an official startup society, that doesn’t mean you can’t begin to effectively organize and embody these practices within your own community. Essentially, building your community to be stronger, more efficient, more independent, more connected can be the same exact concept. Down the road, as we continue to decentralize and evaporate state authority, if you work hard, you are already laying the groundwork for what one day could be it’s own startup society. Simultaneously, you are being a model for the change you want to see which does influence other people on conscious and subconscious levels. What is more, you are helping the study of how to effectively organize a community.

The essence of this message is to explain the meaning of exiting politics, not just Statist politics, but Anarchist politics as well: to respect other views in a way that doesn’t have to distract you or compromise your own vision and work at all. This can help you to use your advantage the similar ends we all have, even though the means are different, and to collaborate with others effectively. It is to develop and build your ideas as you wish to see them, as a real means of launching innovative ideas into actual reality. While the existing states are obviously barriers, when this process takes hold, they are going to be made to adapt to better policies or completely collapse in on themselves through the competition of real intelligence and human innovation.

Even though its very few people who consciously care about their civil liberties right now (which is a result of the state delusion and propaganda, no less), when they see not only the epic freedom that can exist through these ideas, but the efficient and prosperous lifestyles that will be achieved… we will REALLY start to see the shift away from the current system of government and towards a completely new paradigm where governance is something you essentially can shop around for; finding the product that best fits you and your family’s lifestyle. And if you don’t find one and have a better idea you’re willing to work hard for, you can create your own system of governance.

This is how we can actualize the framework for decentralization of power to create different, interconnected communities that can begin to help us learn the science of living together.

And that, my friends, is how I truly envision a decentralized, anarchist, interconnected, peer-to-peer, voluntary humanity developing.

References for further research:

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