It has been one day since the Grand Jury in Ferguson, Missouri decided to not indite Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown.  As expected, many people across the country were clearly not happy with this decision, and some even resorted to violence to address their anger.  Now I don’t condone rioting and looting, but I also understand that many are incredibly frustrated.

We must also note that had Michael Brown been white, then Officer Wilson still would not have been indited.  Kelly Thomas was a white homeless schizophrenic, beaten to death by police in Fullerton, California, and yet the police were found not guilty despite video footage clearly showing the officers guilty of murder.

In Utah, police are responsible for more deaths than gang violence.  I won’t comment too much on the Ferguson case, but recently released photos of Officer Wilson have me doubting the Jury’s verdict.  To say America has a problem with the police would be an understatement.

What to do about the problem of trigger happy cops though?  The answer shouldn’t lie in smashing windows, throwing Molotov Cocktails, and throwing temper tantrums, but in finding solutions amongst ourselves for community protection rather than relying on a violent state.

I’m certain humanity could figure out a way to protect communities without government or private contractors, if they aren’t the best option.

Talk evolution, not revolution.

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