Here are a couples pieces written by Derrick for The Liberty Beat that highlight the importance of gardening in the conscious evolution!

Urban Community Gardening Growing in Croatia

Several cities in Croatia have seen a surge in interest in urban gardening projects as governments find ways to elevate the living standard of the unemployed and “socially disadvantaged”. The government of Virovitica began a gardening program which has expanded this year, while Zagreb opened 400 new gardens in different part of the city. The Zagreb gardens are free to use for three years with a focus on the unemployed. Interest in the gardening projects is growing as food prices continue to rise. Croatian citizens spend nearly fifty percent of their annual income on food.

Utilizing Cloches, Grow Tunnels To Extend Your Gardening Season

As polls continue to indicate that more people are turning to community gardens, farms and home gardens, it is important to maximize your output of produce by supplementing your garden with a device known as a cloche or grow tunnel during the winter. A grow tunnel will allow your crops to prosper in windy or cold conditions, giving you the option to grow year round in some cases. The device can be built for under $50 using inexpensive supplies such as rebar, pvc pipes, greenhouse plastic and a few other household items. Cool weather crops such as carrots, cabbage, beets, kale, and broccoli can be grown in a grow tunnel throughout the winter.

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