This interview takes you into the depths of how the global elite hijacked the Indian Public Health System via the PHFI (Public Health Foundation of India). We discuss the characters involved, the scandals that have taken place, & how this impacts the current Covid-19 crisis that we are currently facing!

Kapil Bajaj’s blog :

Timestamp : 1:30 – Introduction to Kapil’s background & experience 6:00 – Creation & founding of the PHFI (players include Manmohan Singh, Rockefeller frontman Lincoln Chen, Tata frontmen, Mukesh Ambani & his frontman, Bill Gates frontmen Ashok Alexander & Rajat Gupta, Narayan Murthy, Rohini Nilekani, Anand Mahindra, Godrej, Srinath Reddy, etc) 13:00 – The Great Reset 19:00 – Kapil’s meeting with Rajat Gupta & Srinath Reddy 36:00 – Rajat Gupta’s activities in India 38:45 – Honeycombing of Government people 45:30 – No documents to show that Govt bureaucrats have been authorised to sit on PHFIs board 47:30 – No govt policy on PPPs, how the Governing board of the PHFI is fraudulent 55:00 – K Srinath Reddy sending forged documeny to Kapil under RTI 1:00:00 – Poonawallas & their connection to Bill Gates 1:05:00 – How different state governments were on board 1:11:00 – Fraud at PHFI 1:34:00 – How PHFI people are driving India’s Covid response 1:44:00 – How all Indian political parties are on board with Gates’ agenda From Kapil : The following are the main articles on Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) — Gates-Rockefeller’s criminal club and the ‘Deep State’ — that I wrote since March 2011. (For more of my writings on PHFI visit:

1. Manmohan Singh’s public-private partnership with Rajat Gupta

2. Will PHFI be any different under Narayana Murthy? (first of a four-part series published in July 2011 in Moneylife)

3. With PHFI, falsification is the truth (This article was first published in the Moneylife magazine on the following link. The document forged by PHFI president Srinath Reddy was uploaded along with this article and can still be accessed there.)

4. Public Health Fraud of India (PHFI): Here’s why Manmohan Singh deserves the fate of his crony Rajat Gupta

5. PHFI’s Rs 100 crore scam and ensnaring of Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute in a corrupt deal: impostors’ club hurtles from fraud to fraud

—- For those pressed for time, a snapshot of the subversion of democracy in India through PHFI can be had by reading the article linked below.

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