Please enjoy my recent conversation with Jason Bassler, co-founder of Free Thought Project and V Is For Voluntary, and founder of Police the Police, letting the content speak for itself, Cell 411, Cop Block, Peacekeeper, rendering the State obsolete, the age of transparency, Anarcho-Primitivism, the State is highest danger to human life, technological growth is amoral, information age, planting seeds of liberty, his path to Voluntaryism, skater disobedience story, police brutality, Ron Paul, GMOs, Stefan Molyneux, Adam Kokesh, Tom Woods, Jeffrey Tucker, Gerson Therapy, pointing guns at peaceful people, War on Drugs, GMOs not ecologically viable, the people are not the State, political euphemisms, The State is a monopoly, private security, Black Lives Matter, perverting incentives, Leftist view of the State, social contract, Statism is a death cult, George Carlin on voting, Gary Johnson, my stance on voting, peaceful parenting, Stefan Molyneux, alternative schooling methods, bringing kids to the forest, prescription nature, Peter Schiff talks to Occupy Wall Street, Danilo stand up comedy, the importance of self deprecation, End The Drug War, A Spontaneous Order, The Voluntaryist Initiative, Matt Agorist, I Owe You Only Non Aggression, Statism is Slavery, Economics and Ethics of Private Property and more!

An expropriating property protector (the state, through taxation) is a contradiction in terms.

Hans Hermann Hoppe

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