In this video, John Bush shares what freedom cells are and why the time is not to start building a freedom cell network in your area.

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How to get started……

1. Form a freedom cell group with around 8 of your closest friends, family members, associated

2. Work towards common goals such as A. three months food storage B. encrypted communication channels C. all members have firearms and know how to use them D. all members have a bug out plan E. whatever goals work for your needs

3. Encourage other people in your community to form freedom cell groups and network with them to form larger networked groups

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2 Responses

  1. Shaji Nair

    Are there freedom cells in the Philadelphia area or is this just Texas for now?

  2. Gen Agustsson

    I heard about freedom cell in some parts of california maybe but i have never used freedom cell website before but i don’t know how! can you help me?


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