By: Shane Radliff

February 18th, 2016

Liberty Under Attack


When I initially setup the political prisoners archive, I was completely unaware of its importance, although, that soon became clear. Whether it was the lackadaisical judicial transparency or the nullification of it altogether, I knew that someone needed to fill this void. Hence, the political prisoners archive. (Click here for a full explanation of “why”.)

Last night, I spent six hours re-formatting and adding documents to various archives, and have already spent about three hours this evening; that is on top of my full time higher level indoctrination. The work is becoming more laborious and, as always, tedious, but is something I will certainly continue. The aforementioned importance becomes evident when looking at the exploding views on the website. The market feedback is certainly there.

That being said, I wanted to put the links to all of the archives in one place to further ease accessibility.


To access the political prisoners landing page, use the link below. This includes the documents for closed cases, such as Ross Ulbricht, Robert Beecher, Charles Dyer, Larry Myers, Darren Huff, and the Hutaree Militia.


To access the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom archive, use the link below. Each defendant’s individual archives are also included, along with articles by Gary Hunt.


To access the Cliven Bundy/Bundy Ranch Standoff archive, use the link below. Herein, I’ve laid out the “group” documents (United States v. Cliven Bundy et al), as well as Cliven’s individual documents (United States v. Cliven Bundy). Also included, are articles by Gary Hunt, regarding the standoff in 2014.


To access Schuyler Barbeau’s archive, use the link below. Also included, are articles by Gary Hunt.


To access Kevin “KC” Massey’s archive, use the link below. Also included, are articles by Gary Hunt.


To access William Wolf’s archive, use the link below. Also included, are articles by Gary Hunt.


To access Steven and Dwight Hammond’s archive, use the link below.


For the purposes of full judicial transparency, please share this link everywhere. It is your “one-stop shop” for all things regarding the various political prisoners. Please consider donating $1 to Liberty Under Attack if you appreciate the work put into this archive. The cost of purchasing documents from PACER becomes exorbitant when doing so for over 20 defendants. Additionally, the amount of time and effort put into this archive is extensive. Any financial compensation for the work is greatly appreciated and will be put back into our shared cause of life and liberty. Click here to donate via PayPal, and visit the website for other methods of supporting us (use the buttons on the sidebar).

Note: If you’re donating to support the continuation of this archive, please notate that via PayPal, or in an email (see below for contact information). Reason being, 50% of those donations will go directly towards purchasing documents from PACER.

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