I find the word “poverty” to be thrown around a lot by people who claim to know what they’re talking about, but really don’t.  Take Bernie Sanders for example.  Sanders is currently running a populist campaign for president, where one of his main planks is the issue of poverty.  Now every solution he proposes to “fix” poverty ultimately leads to more poverty, but that isn’t my main grievance.  The term poverty is subjective, not objective.

It is often assumed by those calling themselves “Progressive,” that if someone lacks a lot of money, their lives are completely miserable, and if they produce children, they should be killed via abortion.  I find that thought process to be incredibly offensive and dangerous.  Just because someone doesn’t have a lot of money, doesn’t mean they are guaranteed to have a poor quality of life.  Yes, by modern Western standards, a poor person has a more difficult time acquiring resources to make their lives easier, but that doesn’t guarantee they will live in depression and misery.

Generally I’m not a fan of television, but if there’s a show I like, it’s Top Gear.  Of course there’s the aspect of what the market is capable of producing when it comes to cars and the “three stooges” aspect of the hosts, but there is something much more valuable in it.  From time to time, the hosts go on adventures to areas of the Third World.  Whether Uganda, Rwanda, or Myanmar, there always seemed to be a constant.  Despite not having access to Western creature comforts plus living under governments that frequently don’t even pretend to be “humane,” people managed to live their lives and be happy.  What they lacked in monetary riches, they more than made up for with ingenuity and kindness.  In the Western World, the average poor person even manages to live better than the nobility in the Medieval Age.

So Progressives, please don’t assume that because “poor” people lack a lot of money that their lives are therefore horrendous and miserable, and please don’t give them any “help” by stealing from others.  If you really wanted to help them, you’d get out of their way with tomes of regulations and mountains of red tape.

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