This week Danny and Vanessa welcome licensed psychotherapist Rebecca Kronman on the stream to discuss the use of psychedelics during therapy. Rebecca Kronman is a licensed psychotherapist with a private therapy practice in Brooklyn, New York where she works with clients to prepare for and integrate after psychedelic experiences.

Rebecca is also the founder of Plant Parenthood, a support community for parents who use psychedelics. The goal of Plant Parenthood is to bring people together to learn, integrate and connect all while de-stigmatize the conversation around psychedelics and parenting.

Rebecca is focused on the harm reduction philosophy, so whether parents are using these substances to address trauma, promote personal growth, build a spiritual life or just for fun, Plant Parenthood is a resource for connecting with peers and accessing knowledge from science, anthropology and thousands of years of indigenous wisdom.

We also took some time to discuss how indigenous Shamanic cultures that have been using these medicines for thousands of years are being left out of the conversation by the modern medical psychedelics movement.

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