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A few days ago, Stefan Molyneaux expressed his view about the refugee crisis currently affecting Europe.  A view which is incredibly ignorant on his part.  The video can be seen here.

Stefan begins by throwing some numbers about how many people are coming into Europe from places like Syria, all the wondering why all these refugees have to go Europe instead somewhere else in the Middle East.  Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that most of the Middle East isn’t letting these people in for asylum.

Stefan then goes into a rant about “a history of limited government.” and then essentially says “immigrants are taking jobs.”  Apparently Stefan failed to do his homework here.

First of all, Europe doesn’t exactly have a history of limited government.  Second, Greek and Roman writings that inspired the Renaissance and Enlightenment were being stored in massive libraries in the Middle East, neither of which would have occurred if the Muslim world had not preserved them.

On the jobs front, if an immigrant gets one, its either of two things: the pay is low and the hours are long and local population isn’t willing to do the work, or the immigrant is simply better qualified to do the job.  Either way, they’re not stealing jobs.

Stefan then goes into another rant about the “18,000 Syrian Children coming in every second minute,” and so Germans won’t be able to have children, since they’ll have to pay for all those kids.  Exactly how children trying to escape a war zone and the German birthrate are connected, I don’t know.  Perhaps we should ask his most likely source on this matter, Adolf Hitler.

Then Stefan mentions that 1 in 5 Syrians are not literate.  While I agree that that’s not a good thing, he forgets the main point: people in Syria are fleeing a war zone.  Last I checked, it’s a basic human desire to not want to pull the limbs of your child out of the rubble of your home and your ability to read and write doesn’t determine this.

Stefan then decides to switch from being simply ignorant to full on racist.  He goes in a rant about diversity.

“It’s great when you have a rational methodology for resolving your disputes.”  When it’s “highly superstitious people,” it’s not.   First of all, Syria has one of the most ethnically, culturally, and religiously diverse populations in the Middle East.  There are multiple sects of Muslims, most of whom don’t think it’s a good idea to chop off the heads you don’t agree with.  There are multiple ethnic groups, including Assyrians, Arabs, and Kurds, many of whom likewise think it’s a bad idea to chop people’s heads off.  There people who speak multiple languages, including Arabic, Aramaic, and French.  They all lived peacefully, side by side, until the US government decided that Syria “needed democracy.”  It would be good to mention the people chopping off heads generally aren’t “Syrian,” they’re from Saudi Arabia.

By the end, Stefan finally admits that if he were in the refugees place, he’d probably do the same  Gee Stefan, you think!

Listen, the fact that people have to flee because of a war is terrible.  As an individual, you have the right to prevent a refugee from coming onto your property.  You don’t have a right to stop them from crossing government borders.  I would think Stefan of all people would understand this.

Apparently not. Another Molyneux fail.

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