Thank you to everyone who continues to support TCR as we grow and expand. Over the past 3 months we have been working hard to assemble a team of writers, editors, and show hosts that will bring you the latest information about the world, spirituality, consciousness, solutions, music and more. Looking ahead to 2014 we are planning on adding more shows the lineup, working to have 7 day a week original programming every night. We will also be adding more writers to our team. For a full update on the new additions to our team check the About page.

Lessons in Consciousness

Tune in Wednesday January 15th at 8 pm Central for the debut episode of The Conscious Resistance (TCR) latest program, Lessons in Consciousness with Bruce King, D.C. Every Wednesday Bruce will cover different aspects of consciousness in 5-7 minute segments to be followed by an in depth discussion and open phone lines. Please join us as we grow TCR! Invite your friends to this exciting new addition to the programming lineup.

Who is Bruce King?


Dr. Bruce King’s passion is consciousness and the power of thought. He writes a column at The New Era Times online newspaper called “The Power of Thought”, has a YouTube channel that discusses aspects of consciousness (especially the paranormal), and has written a book called Conquer Neck Pain with Thought Power. He currently practices chiropractic with his wife in Houston, Texas.

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