In my previous articles such as ‘Your Ideology is Trivial‘, ‘The Argument for Panarchism‘, and ‘Defeating the Alpha Male‘, I’ve refuted the need for meaningless division based on ideology, ego, and strategy while maintaining that concrete steps to destroying hierarchy and the dominators of society are objective and require no initiation, passwords or dues from any individual. In this article, I’ll be explaining further need for the ‘perfect anarchist’ and how to be closer to becoming one. Not everyone may agree with the points given in this article and it is by no means an attempt to ‘finger wag’ at anarchists, obviously. This article also not meant to encourage self-abuse for an impossible goal of ‘perfection’, but given that anarchists and other idealists are able to see the world clearly and without the propaganda of the dominator’s institutions clouding their vision, it’s possibly the biggest tragedy of modern times that the people most able to see what’s wrong with the world aren’t steering institutions in a peaceful direction, liberating slaves (yes, slavery still exists), being heroes for their microcosms, or joining the counter-economy on a massive scale.

kIt should come as no surprise to anyone that there are some self-declared anarchists that are more anarchist than others. Some anarchists are such in name only, and discuss strategy and politics online (not that there is anything necessarily wrong with this, everyone has a unique situation). Some anarchists are 100% anarchist with their mind, body, and soul. They burn the American flag, never pay taxes, and with cameras in hand, engage cops with liberty anytime they’re harassed. These are merely indicators which make a person psychologically visible to others, though. An American- libertarian burning the American flag shows that he or she is fed up with the idea of the constitution and the idea of a central government, but it doesn’t show how effective they are in their strategies or objectives. These are just words and symbols, and they have no power unless they are backed by concrete actions.

The perfect anarchist is one who plans, speaks, acts, and chooses with objectives in mind. This means taking care of oneself physically, spiritually, emotionally, and recognizing that there is never truly a need to compromise with evil or weakness. In any compromise, it is only evil that can benefit. The perfect anarchist also does not seek any power over others. As Ayn Rand eloquently put it, “Power lust is a weed that grows only in the vacant lots of an abandoned mind“. The anarchists don’t abandon their minds or bodies, but seek to further their own skills (mental and physical) each day to integrate themselves into the living organism of human society and planet earth. Change comes from repeatable win-win interactions that set the example for others. The perfect anarchist shows within every thought and movement that happiness comes from less control and dictating, not centralization or power. The perfect anarchist creates leaders and helps his partners, and doesn’t dictate to underlings.

As a true anarchist, there is only one way to convince others to join the cause for liberty — and that is being successful. Courageous or brilliant actions are the only way to provide substance to words and symbols. Many anarchists fall prey to emotional problems which bring symptoms such as lethargy, depression, substance abuse and other behaviors that don’t contribute to anyone’s life. This isn’t surprising, though. Anarchists are often people who’ve seen the worst damage that hierarchy can do to societies and loved ones. A therapist once told me that everyone has to avoid reality at some point. This can happen through religion, internet memes, substances, frivolous materialism, sex or any other escape people use. To think about the horrifying abuses and trauma being inflicted daily on the planet for extended periods of time can lead to feelings of paralysis and helplessness, particularly if the anarchist has been a victim of trauma himself. However, many people fail to see this as an extremely hopeful sign. Anarchists feel this way because part of them rigidly refuses to ignore truth, and people who seem well-adjusted and happy are often simply distorting ethics or avoiding reality on a regular basis to feel this way (think of the American that accepts ‘might makes right’ to avoid feeling bad for Iraqis or having to confront members of the military). Addiction is a sign that the individual is still experiencing pain from evil, and that this individual hasn’t given up on the fight. The only way to numb this pain without solving the real-world problems is to accept that things are hopeless and become one of the abusers in the world. This can only happen from a distortion of ethics and the suppression of empathy. Only the anarchist can experience true happiness, which comes not from pleasure, but from seeing the world change and paving a way for their genes to thrive when they’re passed on. The perfect anarchist’s conscience is pure, and allows the contempt he or she feels against evil to inspire cunning and courage. The perfect anarchist does not even have to think before doing the right thing.

To unleash an anarchist from their mental prison of pain that comes from perceiving reality correctly and without filter, many emotional blocks have to be overcome. There are many models for ‘unleashing the true self’ such as Maslow’s hierarchy or the Vedic chakra system. Oftentimes, this involves introspection with the use of tools like psychedelics (which are not necessarily for everyone), therapy, and asking for advice from people more experienced with the problems the individual is facing. Many times, the best people qualified to help on a psychological problem are those who have had the problem themselves and have overcome it already. Not all therapists agree with this sentiment, because it conflicts with their bottom line. The perfect anarchist understands that other people come from very different backgrounds and therefore have developed different parts of themselves. While some people may be very mature in one area and lacking in most of the other areas, other anarchists are more balanced but could still use improvement on individual characteristics. The perfect anarchist readily trades his or her knowledge and has a strong support structure comprised of unyielding bonds. These bonds and trusted people are necessary to point out deficiencies and blind spots that the individual may be completely unaware of. A perfect anarchist allows all truth in regardless of whether it comes from a friend or enemy, and understands that there should be no secrets between their most trusted friends. The only secrets a perfect anarchist is interested in are the secrets nature has not yet revealed or the ones which the anarchist is as-of-yet unable to articulate. A true anarchist understands knowledge is provisional and no one has any reason to silence the truth from being spoken, especially when it’s being said to contribute to the well being of everyone.

A fully realized anarchist is an unstoppable force. The fully realized anarchist is not crippled by any psychological wounds nor misled by lies. All empires and evil institutions rely on these two factors in order to continue their abuse. Psychological trauma, Stockholm syndrome, and mob mentality keep the soldier from questioning orders from liars. Lazy thinking and the passive acceptance of lies can also mislead someone into serving a crown, but this too comes with a cost for the empire. Therefore no soldier (figuratively speaking) for an empire can fight for a crown with the same intelligence, sophistication or zeal with which an anarchist fights for planet earth. A perfect anarchist continually judges and updates plans and expectations to meet the objectives, and evaluates each situation without any script. An anarchist makes plans, but does not adhere mindlessly to any pattern laid out by judgements of anyone else. Against an opponent that adheres to logic and knows their beliefs are self-evident, there can be no victory. The perfect anarchist has seen the end of history and is really just filling in the gaps, and understands that even in the highly unlikely event that they fail, history will still inevitably play out in the way they imagine it to, even if it ends up being hundreds or thousands of years later. This is what it means to have ideals that are objectively correct. The perfect anarchist haunts the dreams of liars and cheats. The perfect liar or perfect cheat knows better than anyone else that the perfect anarchist already knows what’s going to happen, will never surrender, and most importantly, expects to win.

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