From July 4th-12th, Derrick Broze hosted daily breakdowns of the 9 chapters of his book The Holistic Self-Assessment!

Watch the archive here:

In 2018, Derrick published his 4th book, The Holistic Self-Assessment, a self-empowerment guide to help individuals align their thoughts, words, and actions.

“It’s a tool I have used to help me achieve my goals. More specifically, the HSA is based on the process I took myself through while in prison between 2005 and 2008,” Derrick says.

Every chapter of the HSA begins with a simple question and ends with a simple exercise. By taking a wide range of psychology and self-help concepts and removing all the “fluff”, Derrick believes the HSA provides a set of tools for anyone seeking to accomplish their goals, understand their own motivations, and live in line with their purpose.


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