As always thanks to everyone who keeps up with my adventures spreading the message of Consciousness and Agorism! Knowing that the message is well received makes it easier to keep going and spreading the word about something I believe is solution for our future. So please  keep sharing the videos and articles, listening to the show and creating alternatives in your own life!

I have awesome news to announce! I have been asked to speak at the event Anarchy in the NYC on April 20th. I was planning on going to New York to cover the events and now I am honored to bring my message of Agorism, Anarchy and Shamanism to NYC! I will be speaking along a great lineup of other activists and philosophers such as Adam Kokesh, Stefan Molyneux, John Bush, and others.

While the majority of the messages at this event are likely to be centered around Voluntaryism, Market-Anarchism, and other “right” Anarchist topics, I am hoping to bring something unique to the event. I have noticed a strong voice among Anarchists that is purely rational, Atheist, or of a Scientific materialist worldview. While I have no claims of my view (Spiritual, Conscious, Anarcho-Shamanism) being “right” or “better”, I do feel this deeper connection is a further evolution of the Atheist worldview.

I look forward to drawing connections between the spiritual views of Shamans, Zen Buddhists, and Taoists to the writings on Agorism and Anarchy. There is an audience for this message and I am glad to help bring it to the masses. I will be working on essays regarding different aspects of these ideas over the coming months. This is going to be an ongoing project with author JG Vibes which will eventually be turned into an Ebook to be named later. I am very excited about this and hope you will share in the experience!

Stay tuned for more radio shows, podcasts and video reports!


– Derrick Broze

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