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The Millennial Generation of the U.K. Free Party Scene.

It’s been roughly 36 years since the birth of what we now know as ‘the free party scene’. These parties virtually span from across the globe, and they all vary in their own styles: musically, aesthetically, spiritually, and ethically. From my perspective, the U.K. FP (free party) scene was once, and I hope remains ethically bound to the practice and exchangement of ideas based upon the love for one another; this love happens to bind us to the free party via its welcoming message that can also be found on the back of the former Brains Kan Sound System’s ORIGINAL record press release ‘Propaganda & Militant Sound’, and of course by the very nature of the free party itself.


These words speak for themselves – printed on their own record inspired by the violence and force forced upon unarmed men and women by the police. Because of biases and manipulation tactics via the medium of ‘laimstream’ media, this leaves the public to speculate; possibly leading to an assumed attack against the police, leaving little thought for the possibility of a self-defense situation against the cop’s weapons. Some free party goers chose to remain peaceful by avoiding the riot police, and some chose to use self-defense… and rightly so. In a situation where thousands of people have gathered in a warehouse, and where riot police begin creating a hostile environment, what would you do? You may even have loved ones with you who you have to protect. It comes down to individual choice: do you avoid the violence by fleeing the party IF the chance arises, or will you confront well-armored policemen and policewomen with empty bottles or whatever you can find to throw at them? The latter sounds like the “easy and cowardly” way out but the former creates a lesser chance for the laimstream media to scrutinize upon true events, on which they should. Fabricated and falsified information can always be exposed to a certain degree but it’s the time in which they are exposed that matters. A few years down the line, who cares about the possible lies pushed out about the police officers and scruffy “illegal ravers”….now we have other problems and distractions to focus on *sarcasm*. This is also a very big problem.

The free party is and always will be a threat to ‘the powers that wish they were’ due to its organic principles. It takes power away from them and hands it back to the people.

The shared experience of oneness via the power of the unique and powerful dance, which I personally attribute to the U.K. East Anglian FP scene, is just one of the aspects that help to create a free and comfortable space for people to ‘open up’ as such and to express the things they felt they may not have expressed within a hectic Monday to Friday life of wage slavery. The FP is the complete opposite to what an extortionate club can provide e.g water at ridiculous prices, high room temperatures which creates a dangerous environment and violent bouncers… but of course, only some act in this disgusting manor. Free parties take you away from the distractions – a spiritual retreat if you will. To free party simply means to party and exist freely, to live life to the fullest and to its freeiest via the power of music, connectivity and collaboration. How do you think these sound systems were built? By collaboration, hard work and contribution. The freedom to party outdoors is the opposite of greed and this can be translated – in this case to an unethically-based club who can say “this is my territory, so if you step over this line, you gotta pay an extra $10 to get back in!”. Authoritarianism. Territorialism. These are their clubs so they can be as strict as they like within the boundaries of the law but this only give fruit to alternative thought which gives birth to alternative ideas..

As a free, beautiful and independent human-being, you’re free to put what you wish into your body without the nannies of the establishment looking over your shoulder. Government wants you ALL to reach your fullest potential..government loves every single one of you!!! Who’d be so silly to think otherwise?

Now on to Brains Kan Sound System. I can never speak on their behalf but I can speak for what I personally believe they stood for from my own experience of their 2004-2008 acts of free party civil disobedience…i believe what Brains Kan stood for came from the foundations of seeing and experiencing the 90’s U.K. To party freely, under the stars for no cost isn’t just right but an incredibly spiritual act – you’re surrounded by happy people, all experiencing different types of drugs whilst listening to LOUD music though a HUGE sound system under the stars whilst also dancing in unity to the beat with hundereds and sometimes thousands of people!

Free parties can always be done ethically and morally IF done correctly. Civil disobedience, counter-economics, and the exchangement of ideas were once the foundation they stood upon. I can only hope this still remains as its foundation.

This article is to give you a demonstration of not what a free party is, but what one represents. It represents all of the above: anarchism = freedom and freedom is love.

Damon Shaw
Much Love x

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