Please enjoy my recent conversation with Demelza Hays. Herein we discussed how she became an Anarcho-Capitalist, Stefan Molyneux, appeal to antiquity, women strongly influence the next generation, Bitcoin and naked shorts, decentralizing Wall Street, most expensive pizza ever bought, Greece, Cyprus bail in, Bitcoin and hacking, Bitcoin cold storage, if printing currency created wealth, free banking, reverse Gresham’s Law, plummeting Rupee, gold smuggling in India, monetary shift every 30-40 years, how gold and silver are created and much more!




This is a process that’s been going on over and over again throughout history, except this time it’s happening on a global scale, it has never before happened in all countries at once. That means that this is the greatest wealth transfer in history, therefore it’s the greatest opportunity in history… and it’s not going to happen again in your lifetime.

Mike Maloney



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