Hello friends,

Hope all is well in your life! I am checking in for a quick IMPORTANT update….

Starting today, May 1st, The Conscious Resistance Network, The Anti MediaMintPress News, and News2Share are launching our #DivestFromFacebook campaign. We are encouraging are supporters to spend less time on FB (or begin the process of leaving entirely!) and support the social media platform Minds. Those of us who have survived the social media purges of Alternative and Independent Media are putting are weight behind Minds.com and we invite you to join us!

Why Minds?

Minds is a privacy friendly, blockchain based alternative to traditional social media like Facebook. Not only does Minds respect your privacy and data, but with their internal token system users can reward content creators they appreciate. This helps boost content to get it in front of more readers and viewers. As someone who has been deeply involved in independent media for nearly a decade, this platform serves my goals: reach as many people as possible while also staying consistent with my principles and values.

In the coming weeks you can expect to hear more from me about why I am choosing Minds, but for now, let me add that I will be producing 2 pieces of exclusive content on Minds.com every week throughout the month of May! This means an exclusive article and video that will be posted on Minds FIRST and hosted there exclusively for a number of days. If you don’t want to miss out on my latest work, you are going to want to join Minds! 

Click this link to get started —-> Join Minds #DivestFromFacebook


Until next week, Remember,

You Are Powerful, You Are Beautiful, You Are Free

– Derrick Broze

Founder, Editor TCRN


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