Prepare for book number 2 in The Conscious Resistance trilogy!

Since releasing “The Conscious Resistance: Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality”, John and I have realized that the philosophy and ideas behind The Conscious Resistance need to be elaborated even further. John and I feel like the first book was the “body” of our philosophy. We laid the foundation and now we want to show you the deeper levels of this way of thinking.

Being an activist, especially an anarchist one, can be a difficult road sometimes, but the righteous path is never easy. Most of us encounter the same struggles in our path, but these struggles are rarely ever talked about. When someone “wakes up” and realizes that our society is not free, it can sometimes lead to depression and confusion or alienation from family and friends. This is what happens when the whole world is mad and you are seeing clearly for the first time.

This transition can be extremely challenging, and to help make it easier, we are dedicating our next book to tackling these very personal issues that activists experience and offer solutions to help them overcome it.

The second book, Finding Freedom In An Age Of Confusion, will focus on the hearts and the souls of activists and anarchists. We will talk about overcoming the depression, confusion and fear that can come along with understanding the circumstances of our slavery. We want to show the human struggle of the search for freedom.

As with the first book, this one will be released at the Free Your Mind 4 conference on April 15, 2016! (Side note: We will also be participating in a panel on Agorism at the conference!)

Also like our first book, this one will be available for free as a pdf download. For now please take a look at the tentative table of contents.

Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion

1. You are a pioneer of peace
2. Reclaiming your self esteem
3. You are divine
4. Trust yourself, vacate the State
5. You are not alone
6. Learn from everyone but be your own teacher
7. Understanding family and friends
8. The state is not invincible it’s just a bad idea
9. The golden age is now
10. Building a more free, connected and compassionate world
11. The sky may be falling but it is only a storm
12. Another look at the doomsday myth
13. There is nothing positive about willful ignorance

Tools for Action

14. What is Meditation and How do I meditate?
15. Affirming the Positive and Manifesting Reality

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