A family of five sit in a dark room, heat from a brick fireplace spreads warmth that dances on their spines. A small screen lights the room with iridescent waves of color. The mother and her daughter sit on a couch, the father and son lay on their backs. Pillows propped against their heads the man and his boy lay comfortably on the floor.

Breaking news! The electronic device shouts.

The richest most influential people in the world have been surrounded. Their underground bunkers raided. Their private jets destroyed. Their homes have been fenced off and engulfed in flames. Bank accounts have been frozen and seized. In the final hour, the planet falls silent. Some have lived entire lifetimes waiting for this moment, which has finally arrived.

A woman begins to read, her voice grinds over the air like that of an opera singer who had been wailing in tones of liberation for the last 30 years.

She reads and the direction of the planet turns….

We the people of One Force demand the freedom to determine and govern ourselves and our communities. We command the right to own the sacred space of our bodies in regards to what we eat and where we go.

A man at the bar dips his french fries into a pool of ketchup. His belly folds over the swiveling wooden bar stool.

Her voice hovers for a breath, You no longer hold the rights to elect yourself and the election process will no longer be in your hands. The people of the region connected with the land and culture will choose how to rule, represent, elect and govern themselves.

The sound was everywhere. Broadcasted, live streamed. Every network around the world had been taken over. This was the great escape, the final moment. The past and its ideological chains were mid-air, erupting. The masses stood still, with a knowing gaze that the distant dream of the last hundred years was now a reality. The fundamentals of what people knew as day to day life would be completely different from this day forward. There would be a new meaning to life’s basic and complex ways of functioning.

There was no telling who the woman was as she read from what seemed to be a teleprompter. Her face was blurred, her posture straight. Hands, calmly folded and placed on the desk in front of her, her nails painted black. Sitting in a dark room wearing all red, only the outline of her body’s figure could be seen. She was a representative for One Force. This global group would frequently post videos and articles highlighting their latest successes of totalitarian government takeovers, but this broadcast was different.

The hum of her voice, deep-seated and soulful continued on…

One Force demands full employment of the people and complete support of local business and trade. We demand the wealthiest of you to contribute to our communities and local economies. Pooling of wealth and resources has been banned. Every person is accountable rich or not to pay a percentage of their wealth to their community, the poor, and the orphans. All corporate businesses are to be boycotted and shut down until they can provide proof of human and environmental rights being protected. All global governments are to give back stolen land to native and indigenous people.”

Cheers could be heard down the street of a town in South America, it was 3 AM. Didn’t matter the time of day or night, the entire world was tuned into the same frequency, they had been waiting for as long as anyone could remember. Traffic stopped, teachers stopped teaching, restaurant chefs stopped cooking, fisherman stopped fishing. The world had been waiting 100 years for this moment, and what a proud moment it was. The global population who had been chained and oppressed could finally since the aroma of freedom.

The wealthiest of you will establish structural support for future generations. This is mandatory or punishable by death.
Each countries government has to transfer a minimum of $3,818,000,000,000 of its yearly earnings to the account number seen below on the screen. If any country does not comply all national and international monuments will be destroyed and leveled to the ground. This money will start a fund to pay back the communities which have been globally terrorized. We the One Force people demand all housing become decent, eco-friendly, and sustainable.

A mother surrounded by piles of rubble in a war-torn country grabs her child and begins to rock after hearing the woman’s voice translated over a loudspeaker. Tears flood as she thanks God for ending their hearts greatest pains.

One Force demands an immediate end to the abuse of our children within the totalitarian school, foster care, and child trafficking systems. Implementing safe learning environments, true history, family support, knowledge of self, critical thinking, the arts, will be implemented immediately. One Force has proven our methods have healthy sustainable outcomes. This growth will only continue.

The broadcast continued but time felt still. Only the natural elements continued to press forward. Sounds of streams, birds singing, and waves crashing on the shore. Only nature spoke while the words of this unknown woman were shared.

One Force is a global collaborative government with its first order being the complete and total end of the war. We have effectively destroyed all military bases, they have now been banned and shut down. Any sale of weapons of war has been made illegal. Any established military leader has effectively been placed on the most wanted list and banned from every country till they are imprisoned for their crimes. Operation #ENDWAR has successfully ended all military actions and presence around the world. Operation #ENDWAR has met completion and countries will from this point on be held responsible to establish rules, profits, and trade by legal means.

Her voice was as strong as boulders cracking off the face of a mountain moments before a landslide.

Immediate demilitarization of the police force has commenced. Police forces have made packs around the world to give up all unnecessary weapons and tanks. Police cannot investigate themselves and will be held accountable by outside legitimate community sources.

We demand an immediate shut down of all privatized for-profit prison centers. They will all be demolished within the next five years. We have a system which will replace these illegal centers with rehabilitation and healing facilities for those who have suffered the trauma from their dysfunctional and sick societies. All political figures are to be arrested on site and tried for their organized crime against humanity, land, oceans, and skies. All criminal activity in the health industry is to be tried for domestic terrorism and shut down. All vaccines have been banned. We demand the people of the world take this as an opportunity to build interactive community forums, educational resources for your children, and equal access to information.

One Force set the intention 100 years ago to connect with every social movement on the planet and organize. Our parents and their parents agreed that all human and environmental problems worldwide were due to the influence of a select few. We identified them and have successfully implemented societal takeover. We have stood strong to our vision for the last 100 years and supported each other in the rebuilding of this planet. Just as the elites met with the greatest minds of policy and governance we gathered the greatest among us and instead of meeting behind closed doors we held open public forums. We proved to the globe we could be transparent and constantly focussed on the people’s needs.

Our goal was to synchronize the unconscious organizations and become a conscious collective body which moved in unity with one another. 100 years ago we recognized there were too much separation and segregation, so we came together and lifted one another up. We built the One Force movement and focussed, not on separate issues but with one intention, hitting global power structures at its core. All our dilemmas were found festering in the outdated societal systems and corrupt governments worldwide.

We have successfully completed our mission of creating one revolutionary party with no borders involved. A united front with common meetings, open communication, proper coverage, and open participation at every level. Organizing and unifying the people with one goal… the liberation of all people.

We no longer have room in our hearts for the oppressors. With our 1000 year goal ahead, we will reach planetary sustainability, peace, evolution, prosperity, and freedom of the human spirit.

Yet today in the light of global liberation we face the greatest test of time. Will we walk the footsteps of our forefather and allow corruption to grow in our hearts or will we set forth onto a new path? The One Force movement will not let you down but we need you to help lay the foundation for the next 1000 years. How will you use your freedom, how will you liberate yourself at the beginning of a new era?

Sincerely, The One Force Movement

The broadcast ended, the screen went blank, and the only sound which could be heard was a newborn child’s cry. Born in feces and blood, taking her first gasp of air while entering into the new world.

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