On December 19, 2021, Derrick Broze and John Bush spoke at The Event,

John Bush and Derrick Broze are co-founders of The Freedom Cell Network, a worldwide movement of more than 30,000 people who are focused on localized organizing and opting out of the systems which attempt to enslave us.

John outlined the concept of Freedom Cells in 2015 and Derrick helped expand the vision beginning in 2016. Together they have spread the concept of decentralization and organizing locally in cells of 8 people around the world.

In this talk they will break down the concept of Freedom Cells and the vision for a worldwide parallel network which can help liberate and empower the people of the world as we break away from unsustainable and immoral systems.

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2 Responses

  1. Demian

    To the importance of non-violent communication I want to add a fundamental element of community building: Emotional Integration Skills.

    Actually a Intentional Community has a historic chance now.

    What we are experiencing these days is the ultimate expression of what we can call the “Triple Separation”: The separation from one self, the separation of our fellow beings and the separation from nature. The perpetrators of the new world order are the incarnations of the ultimate separation of these three aspects.

    The crucial separation here is the separation from one self. And the root cause for this is the separation from our feelings through our cultural indoctrination. Specifically our indoctrination with the believe that there is such a thing as “Negative Emotions”. This throws us into internal conflicts, reduces our ability to heal emotionally and causes the separation from other human beings and from nature.

    If we want to create a truly new future, we have to create a new culture that re-connects us to our emotional core. This also nurtures the living heart of an authentic community. If we can be together as who we are in our innermost being, if we can openly cry, be angry or happy and feel that we belong as feeling beings, we want to belong for ever. So lets build communities for the Triple Integration.

  2. Rita Butler

    I was so pleased to see this podcast. My husband and I tried for decades to create an intentional community which unfortunately never manifested. I am glad to see the younger generation picking up the mantle. I assume you are familiar with cohousing.org? While I totally support a sustainable back to the land movement, you must realize this is not a solution for all the 8 billion people on the planet most of whom live in urban areas. There are solutions which can work for them too such as urban community gardens and orchards, small business supports links to regional farmers through farmer’s gardens and CSAs etc. I do think it is important to have people on the inside to keep tabs on what governments are up to as governments and their corporate allies have a HUGE amount of power. Lastly, there is the issue of energy sources. There are thousands of patents being held hostage by the Federal government which could provide clean energy solutions that could be used on local decentralized basis. We need to get those released.


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