Having reportedly stated that he’ll once again compete for the Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate nomination,  former Republican New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson recently discussed his lawsuit against the Commission On Presidential Debates regarding their exclusion of alternative party candidates.

He also shared his views on anti-gay discrimination stating, “I don’t think there should be discrimination at the workplace at all. I do believe marriage equality is Constitutionally guaranteed on par with civil rights of the 60’s. Would there still be discrimination today in the south? Would there still be segregated bathrooms or water fountains if the legislation in the 60’s would not have passed. I suggest that there still would be discrimination today so along those same lines, I believe this is something Constitutionally guaranteed.”

When asked if a Christian bakery not wanting to make wedding cakes for gay couples should be allowed to discriminate, Johnson answered, “Let’s equate it to civil rights and say no. There has to be an awareness and consequences to discrimination and there should not be discrimination. This is America.”

Gary Johnson On Anti-Gay Discrimination



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