(the video above was originally recorded in 2013)


In late 2010, I decided I was going to quit my job helping manage a restaurant, sell my stuff, buy a touring bike, and spend time traveling across the states volunteering on farms. It was the beginning of my current path towards liberation.

I spent 3 months on the road, volunteering on farms throughout Texas and eventually making my way to Alamogordo, New Mexico. After a few signs from the universe, I decided to end my trip and come back to Houston to jump back into my activism.

My exes parents decided to drive all the way to NM to pick me up. On the drive back to Houston, in West Texas nowhere, we witnessed a suburban veer off the road into the middle of the two lane highway and flip several times. Everyone on both sides of the road pulled over and stopped to see what happened. I jumped out of the vehicle and helped people clear debris from the road.

As I approached the vehicle I saw a man lying in the grass, having been thrown out during the chaos. I ran to him as others called 911. The man had blood gushing out of his nose and mouth. I fell to my knees crying, asking someone to help him. Another woman begin attempting to resuscitate him. After a few moments I felt this man leave his body as he left this world.

I sat there on the ground, in tears, for a few more moments. As we left the scene I couldn’t shake this man’s face from my mind. I would see him in my mind and my dreams for months after this.

What I took from this experience was that this was a reminder to make the most out of every moment of my life. I returned to Houston and really dove back into local activism, and eventually journalism. This incident was such a brief but influential moment in my life.

Whoever you were, I hope you know that in your death you helped inspire me to keep fighting and growing. Thank you.

– Derrick Broze

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