It’s Saturday night and I have a lot on my mind. As has been the trend recently, I am feeling quite hopeless in regards to the future of humanity.

Since 2009 I have spent nearly every moment of my life making an effort to educate myself about the truths of our world – the truth about the banking system, the truth about government, the truth about the hidden power structures that exist in our world and all of their depraved criminal lifestyles. I have spent every moment since 2010 attempting to “wake people up” to these ideas and many more. This paradigm shift has lead me on the most amazing journey – meeting so many great people, learning several new skills (including journalism) breaking out of my introvert shell, having an effect on my community and the world, and learning so much about myself in the process. All of these experiences will be with me forever.


I didn’t get into this “line of work” to make friends and travel. I got into this TO WAKE PEOPLE THE FUCK UP! Truly that is all I care about. I have seen much success in this area in my own life and in the work of other activists and journalists. However, I feel like so many people have fallen into this habit (trap) of becoming complacent and perhaps, decadent about the situation we are in. When I am in Costa Rica enjoying myself at festivals like Envision, or in Acapulco for Anarchapulco, I stop to wonder, “Are any of these people going to get my message? Will this amazing experience actually lead to change… or anything substantial?”. I ask these questions aloud when I am on stage as well. I encourage the people to think about this, to decide whether or not they are simply looking for a good time or actually trying to change the world.

I ask these questions because that is all I care about. Becoming an activist and subsequently learning to be a journalist has completely altered the fabric of my life. This is not a costume, or a phase in my college years, or a weekend hobby –

this is my life.

Also, I am losing hope because of the continuing problems facing independent journalists and activists. Like many other activists and journos, I am struggling to reach people via the internet and social media. Occasionally, this leaves me feeling isolated and depressed.

I continue to cover topics that I find important and valuable. I continue to spend my time writing articles, essays, filming videos and documentaries, conducting interviews, and any other ideas I can come up with because I am desperately trying to wake people up to what is going on in the world. However, due to the heavy censorship and limits on corporate social media my reach on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram has been halted nearly completely. This is why I have spent my time joining decentralized platforms like Steemit, DTube, and now BitChute.

Still, even with joining these more principled and censorship-free platforms it does not give me hope for the future of humankind. I feel nearly hopeless sometimes. But I will never give up. I will never stop reaching out to people in the streets and via the internet. I will continue to spread truth until I die. I am trying to focus my energy on speaking to people in person. This is why I have been touring the United States the last two summers.

(By the way, recently I had to postpone my East Coast Tour due to the hurricane. I will be coming back to the East Coast for 6 final cities of the Liberate Your Mind Tour. You can see the dates and find more details here.)

I hope to see some of you on the road. I want to believe there is a possibility to overcome the coming surveillance state and tyrannical police state. I want to believe we can stop the masses from embracing the technocratic control grid. I would like to have hope in my brothers and sisters to think critically and question authority. But I won’t hold my breath…

P.S. – I have so much more to say on this topic. This is pretty much all I think about now. I will write more in the future if anyone wants to discuss solutions. If not, I will release these thoughts as needed.

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  1. Lewis Vough

    I can appreciate your sense of hopelessness. It seems to me that a mass virus of stupidity or insanity is gripping a large portion of the population. What I am seeing taking place these days leaves me speechless. I can not understand the mindset of most people these days.

  2. Cheryl

    I have felt hopeless for years – wondering why people don’t ‘get it’!? we can only do wehat we can do for our jourbey …. if people tag along tgey do if not – not. I have realized I do not know where/why/ when and or how tgeir journey is taking them and never will.
    Stick witg the like minded they will be suportive but at the end of the day we can only do what ‘we’ feel is right.
    You are doing a ohenominal job, Derrick – you are appreciated abd loved by many.
    PLEASE take each ‘here and now’ at a time.
    Blessings to YOU??


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