Derrick Broze breaks down the latest in air travel, including calls for immunity passports and contact tracing.




Clear’s Health Pass

TSA working on plan to check temperatures at some American airports

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3 Responses

  1. Gen Agustsson

    i don’t want immunity passports or regular passports, i want to travel freely! i mean now its making it so difficult for us to travel!

  2. Willie

    I’m looking to print a poster of the Gates image connecting him to all the other companies/ agencies /organizations. Where can I find it?
    Derrick showed it on his channel.

  3. Tom

    We really have to be very appreciative to you guys doing this research, great work. But here is the question that i am asking myself.Our way of live as we knew it has been under constant attack ever since 9/11. Within 20 years people have accepted the restrictions of their freedoms as the so called “New Normal”, with an expanded “New Normal”currently in the making. Even right after 9/11, there were plenty of alternative media sources around, doing brillant work and “fighting the infowar”. Many who already felt that something was fishy about the mainstream 9/11 narrative could suddenly put the pieces together. But somehow this could not prevent, that 20 years later, the same powers that have orchestrated 9/11 were able to ignite the next phase of their project with the Covid19 fraud… although tens of millions of “truth seekers” had consistent access to alternative media sources over the years. So could we agree, that our knowing of things will not make a dent of difference unless we really ACT upon what we know? How can we change things if we just send videos to our neighbours, have meetings, discuss matters online with a beer and popcorn in our hands? Those who have unleashed this unprecedented act of terrorism with Covid 19 can stay very relaxed, as long we keep our “protests”confined to social media discussions, videos, reports etc. This would change magically, if we were out on the streets by the millions and take real action… guided by the knowledge that we already have. Until then, things will likely continue with business as usual. I would like to believe that a “Expose Bill Gates” day on June 13th will accomplish anything but if the past is any guide for the future it probably wont. QAnon also wont help us ;-). How can we mobilize the masses by the millions to take action so that these guys understand once and for all that we really mean business? Obviouly someone knows the effectiveness of that strategy…they are currently paying millions of protestors to go out on the streets to fight for “change” with the obvious purpose to distract from Covid 19… and they do so very effectively as it seems. How can we organize a global network of truth seekers willing to act, to show these thugs once and for all that we really mean business …that would hardly be the kinda change that these Bill Gates types and their corrupt government agents would have bargained for.


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