Derrick Broze breaks down some history around the Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine, or the Black Army. Derrick asks if it time to organize Anarchist armies.

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5 Responses

  1. Deborah Maurer

    Hi Derick
    what is the insentive for the anarchist soldiers to put their lives at risk for others.
    Who provides for them, their food their accomodations their arms? Doesn’t this just open up a scenario for corruption.
    How would it evolve?
    Or, do you mean that all freedom cells should in themselves be small armies who look after their own needs?

  2. Gen Agustsson

    Is It Time for an Anarchist Army? first of all anarchists don’t support war! my mother has asked me why do i like war and my response is i almost never liked war except i was like pretending to be in the war thats all! i want peace not through war!

  3. Fritz

    I heard a saying that went something like “You can’t fix the old system. All you can do is create a new system that makes the old one obsolete”. So my interest is in a new system that won’t fall into the ubiquitous traps of the old system. Not an easy thing to do. Organizing anything with any sort of hierarchical structure uturns directly back into the old system. An army is the old system. Armies are easily infiltrated and subverted from their purpose. What a solution to this crap system looks like is a walking away. From everything. Which at first glance looks utterly impossible. What about this? what about that? How can we live this? But I like that part of the old. No cell phone? never going to happen! No money? What? It is totally radical, but possible with enough like minded people who want something new bad enough. We would have to walk away from our addictions to the things made “indispensable” in the old system. Money seems indispensable. Almost nobody can envision a world with now money. Yet that is what must happen. I believe humanity is in the midst of it’s next evolutionary leap forward and upward. And it’s happening in plain view due to the internet. We seem to by yearning for freedom but have been held in a type of slavery of the mind. People think no money? No food, shelter, transportation, communication, no anything without money!! But that’s the trap we are in. If we want freedom we have to escape that trap. I think a gift economy would suffice. Gift economy shifts the whole energy pattern and flow direction of human interaction from what’s in it for me to what can I do for you. All the infrastructure exists. All the food is being grown. All the technology and means of production exists. People still do whatever they are doing but do it voluntarily instead of “for money”. Money is like the shadow that controls every aspect of our lives and gives us access. But that has been artificially created AS a control. It’s been made into a turnstile to life. That is what makes us believe a better world is impossible without fighting everything in sight. Anarchist army? I don’t think it’s needed. What about the problem of bandits and criminals who will come in and take advantage of a peace loving people? I think that pole will discharge when we shift ourselves from within from fear to love. I think a defensive army invites an aggressor. I think the police invite criminals. I think pharma invites disease. We may not yet be ready for these ideas but I don’t think they are entirely a pipe dream anymore either.

  4. Deborah Maurer

    Yes, the change comes from within.
    A personal paradigm shift but en masse.

  5. Lauren

    I’ve been speaking to people everywhere about this for a couple years now. It’s got to be done. No question. I feel it in my heart, burning like fire. I have a ‘group’ that is interested, but we need a starting point.
    I’ve been investigating whats going on around my area and there are things happening involving the NSA and Navy. They’re testing out frequencies and waves on the people in the area. I have so much more information and if you’d like to hear about the details, email me.


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