I think it’s important for any human being who wishes to grow in all mental and spiritual capacities that we learn to question all aspects of ourself. Some of us question our own motives and ideas growing up, but I believe a lot of people stop at a certain level. Maybe they don’t realize they aren’t pushing the boundaries of their thoughts anymore or maybe they do not have courage to continue pressing because it is difficult to face the truths. If you want to become the best you, you will inevitably need to change yourself and change sucks sometimes. It’s scary to face and it can be hard to accomplish. We can feel stuck. That nothing we do to change actually works, but I know that is not true. We all have the capabilities and strength to change, but we need to be better at finding the root to our problems. Sometimes we try to change something, but it’s not the source and so it never actually changes. Deep diving into the self is essential for the consciously growing human being. That being said, I have discovered a few interesting things about myself. I explained what my idea of love is, what my ideas on parenting are, and how I have evolved in my ways of thought and action. I haven’t talked much about emotions though, so let me talk about jealousy.


Jealousy is a dangerous emotion that can lead to undesired thoughts and impulsive actions. This is how I have known jealousy. Maybe your experience is something different. I have come to the conclusion that jealousy is a wasted emotion. It is a huge waste of energy to create scenarios, make assumptions, and lose control of emotions by anger or sadness. I am an emotional person. I can feel those waves ripple up through my entire body and I know I expend a lot of energy just from feeling things. Maybe that’s just me, but I’m thinking there are at least a few of you who can relate to this surge. It can be draining to feel things, good or bad, and since I want to use my energy for what is loving, I just don’t have room for jealousy.


Jealousy leads to possessiveness. It leads to the desire to control and contain another human being for your own selfish desires. Jealousy is a negative emotion in every direction and if we want to be better we must learn to deal with it in a healthy way. It is important to remember that it is okay to feel these things. It is okay to feel. Please don’t take this as an attack against natural emotions. Do not be hard on yourself if you feel jealousy at any moment. It is okay.


What should really be worked on is our reactions. How do we respond to negative emotions? Do we let them eat us alive filling us with anger and resentment? Do we react in angry outbursts that may create more damage to the situation? Do we expend all that beautiful energy that we could harvest to make loving vibrations ripple through the Universe create pain and destruction? I don’t think so.


The next time you feel jealous ask yourself why? Then ask yourself what is it stemming from? Mistrust? Fear? Do you feel threatened? If so why? Do you not trust this person? If you do not trust them why are you hanging out with them? Surround yourself with those you love and trust, not those you wish to control and spy on. We must learn how to release these negative emotions. We must learn to let go of them in a peaceful way. We must be the change we wish to see. We have a lot to learn and understand about why we are the way we are and it all starts out with asking yourself some simple questions and learning to answer yourself in an honest and pure way. It takes time to change and depending on how long we have thought and behaved a certain way it may take years to change aspects of yourself. Do not give up though. You are strong and courageous and you have the ability to become a better you. Dig deep my loves, you will find the answers.

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