Let’s face it, American Cops are in an undeclared war against American Civilians, the very same people they claim to “protect.”  Now up to this point, many of the victims have been inner-city, male youths.  Many unfortunately consider these people to have been up to no good and thus the cop was “justified” in his actions.  However, no one is safe from the trigger happy state thugs.

Case in point, in tiny Council, Idaho, a 62 year old rancher Jack Yantis was shot 4 times at point blank range by Adam’s County Deputies.  The tragedy happened because of a stupid argument over a bull.  Yantis’s bull had been hit by car and the deputies called Yantis to the scene as the bull was injured and very agitated, making the situation very dangerous for everyone involved.  An agitated bull is very dangerous and you do not want to mess with one.  Yantis, having worked with livestock all his life knew what the best course of action would have been.

Trying to make the best out of a bad situation, Yantis decided that it would be best to kill the bull in such a way as to be able to preserve the meat.  Now to me, that makes total sense.  When livestock get injured, often times the only way to deal with it is to put the animal out of its misery, especially if it’s in a remote place like Council.  If it has to die, you might as well use the animal in death as well as life.  For whatever reason, the cops disagreed with Yantis, heated words were exchanged, and before anyone took a deep breath, Yantis was lying in a pool of his own blood.

It goes to show, the cops will kill anyone, even an aging, while male in small town America.  As someone who grew up in a small town not too far from Council, I know several people like Jack.  They’re simple, hardworking people, who up to this point tend to be very trustworthy of cops.  I don’t think that’s going to be the case anymore as now they know even someone like them is at risk of being killed by the cops.

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