punk1I’ve had a few people tell me lately that I need to be more on the positive side, to show peace and love and stop being so damn negative.

And what I have to say in response is fuck off

I’m a punk rock revolutionary that’s pissed at the man
pissed of at amerikkka and even more pissed off at the ignorance of an entire nation

and even more pissed when u tell me to be polite.

Why don’t you just come out and say you want me silenced. It’s on the same scale to me.

Here’s the thing

I want America to collapse.
I crave revolution
I need to see the crash

of the white male dominance

of the systematic oppression labeled poverty and prison

to rid itself of our earth.

I wish to live in a age where the patriarchal capitalist system dies.
I want it all to burn.

I wish for communities to rise from the ashes of different colors and creeds

I want healthy communities

I Want to see happy people with a sense of peace and fulfillment

And for those whom are more concerned over wealth and individualized obsessions of the rat race

out weighing legitimatized  deep examinations in root cause perpetuations of poverty and injustice you can go with it.

With slavery still being legal in my country how could we not be in absolute discuss

To you the non reactionary dostile privilege whom ask me to stay positive

fuck u

You probably buy Starbucks and Victoria secrect bras to impress your oppressive counterpart. And those items which have been made by the black and brown hands working for free or penny’s to the dollar in the prison industrial machine.

Where is the positivity in that?

That ur man got a faster nut from your garments still unable to find your clitoris?

Or was it that you got that extra shot of espresso so you could feel some what alive.

Fuck you when you tell me to be positive in a county which has taken out millions of lives

fuck you when you tell me there is evil around the world side tracking the conversation carried by the negligence of an apologist
Ya no shit this is a crazy place

but I’m talking bout the country that you support, in which you complain of protest and don’t take measure in you individual life in the responsibility you hold. While you sit by and allow the deaths of millions because of a lack in responsibility.

I’ll make it simple and give some examples in forms of individual protest

it looks like

NOT SHOPPING AT WAL-MART supporting local or at a thrift store, understanding the time of mass production is OVER. Its time has been had.

I’m talking about AS A WOMAN respecting your fellow sister, understanding it is a radical action to direct a question to a woman while a man is present. Acting as if hierarchy and male dominance is not at the core of some of our deepest societal ills

and grasping the time of wielding power has completed its cycle.

Take pride in your communities, set up foundations which will bring your children music, create art in your homes, listen to music not on the radio, eat dinner with your friends without the TV on.

There are so many ways, and I’m in challenging YOU to not “stay positive”

but to get pissed, get so mad that you have to go out and do something about it.

The pyramid scheme is collapsing

and I’m not going to be positive when it comes to matters of societal collapse.

But I do smile, oh yes i do

And this smile is brought on wide a true full toothed grin

while i sit and watch the empire burn with delight.

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  1. Gen Agustsson

    so much ignorance in this world! free our earth from slavery and ignorance!


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