While few jurisdictions may make the COVID vaccine mandatory, many governments and businesses will most likely make life hard for you should you refuse to take the soon to be distributed vaccine.

In this video, John explains how entrepreneurship, agorist markets, and freedom cells can help us to overcome the social engineering campaign that lies ahead.

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4 Responses

  1. Steve

    I’ll resist your socially engineered pressure campaign and assert my free and Enlightened choice by getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

  2. Leslie Kendall

    I got the Telegram app and it’s a messaging site?? Could someone walk me through this to get to the agora market?

  3. Kevyman

    I have a saying… “In the “internet of things, are you going to be one?” I’m surprised at how many people don’t get it. With a little explanation, people generally say no to becoming a “thing”, but it’s certainly not on their radar. Being a “thing” may be an angle to present to people… People may not want to become “things”… if they only knew.

  4. Gen Agustsson

    mandatory vaccines? i disagree and thats misleading! i think vaccines should be voluntary man! i chose to be vaccinated years so my vaccine, my choice! doctors cannot stop me from vaccinating!


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