Friends and Family,

Thank you for the continued support! Since launching The Conscious Resistance Network (TCRN) in November 2013 we have seen steady growth in viewers and contributors! We now have a team of 5 regular contributors and 3 to 4 others who contribute every couple weeks or so! We continue to be open to all submissions that discuss freedom, politics, philosophy, consciousness, spirituality, counter-culture, and Anarchy!

Not only is the team growing but the content is also diverse. We have vlogs from Katy Khaos; interviews and articles from Peaceful Anarchism; inspiration words from Francis; a new podcast from Michael Freeman; and plenty of content from yours truly.

As we grow so do the numbers on our facebook page and youtube channel. In 2015 we plan to launch TCRN version 3.0. This means a brand new site, a new live show, and we will finally take steps to making TCRN a lifestyle network featuring how to videos on being more free. This might include how to deal with police, how to organize in your community, or how to start a community garden. I would also like to feature videos that discuss healthy eating and exercise such as yoga. Essentially we want to make TCRN your one stop shop for a holistic view on freedom.

This means we want to help feed your mind with philosophy, your body with tips on gardening and cooking with good foods, and your spirit with ideas for knowing yourself more deeply. This is the essence of The Conscious Resistance.

Lastly, this year will feature the release of the book, “The Conscious Resistance: Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality”. John Vibes and I are working hard to finish the final chapters of the book and send it off for editing and then printing! We will be releasing the book, for FREE, at the Free Your Mind Conference in April in Philadelphia. We will also have audio and PDF versions of the book! If you are interested in supporting our crowdfunding campaign please check this.

I truly appreciate everyone who is on the team, who watches the videos, and reads the articles. I first came up with the concept of The Conscious Resistance in Summer of 2012. I had a second awakening and realized I needed to combine the message of self-reflection with one of self-governance. Since that time I have come to meet many more people who are both spiritual and freedom-minded. Together we are helping create a better world by localizing within our own communities, hearts and minds.

Thanks. If you can see this you are the resistance.

– Derrick Broze

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