December 4th, 2015
(PHILADELPHIA, PA) – The Irish Pol, located on Market Street in downtown Philly, hosted the Sales Gaspillée Art Show featuring artwork by Eve Kim, Joe Messineo and Rat Bone Ink. All the artists had their most impressive work mounted and adorned on the walls of the upstairs loft where the event was held.


It was apparent one of the stand-outs of the evening was the very talented Eve Kim. Originally from New Jersey, and a skilled artist from a young age, this would be Eve’s very first art show. I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with one of Eve’s art teachers from grade school, who was in attendance that evening. She very eagerly explained Eve’s tremendous artistic abilities, even at a young age.

Eve Kim’s artwork has been making quite the buzz in the activism community. A lot of her worked is fueled by political issues, and thus it shows through in many of her pieces. Eve has spent much of her time this year participating in activism related events, and much of her work at the art show was donated to the Winter Op Charities.

Typically, Eve’s work is comprised of sketches and portraits which includes an incredible amount of intricate detail using pencils, ink, water-color and paints. She sometimes combines these styles together in one cohesive portrait or piece.






Some of Eve’s most memorable art pieces are the infamous masks she makes, which have been very well-received and have also become very popular among those in the activism community. She uses the blank canvas of a plastic Guy Fawkes mask and creates new artwork over the face. Some of her more detailed work with the masks includes very skillful molding techniques, in which she transforms the original mask into an entirely new face, and then finishes the piece off with paint.




Eve had 17 portraits and 9 masks displayed at the art show and most of her work was sold by the end of the night. Her artwork really stood out and made a huge impression with attendees at the event.

Hopefully Eve will be doing another event very soon, and we will definitely be there to cover it!

To view the full length video compilation of the Sale Gaspillée Art Show, click on the video below.

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