An Open Letter

Dear Stephen Colbert,

I understand tonight was the first time in your career that you were blessed with the opportunity to interview both a presidential and vice presidential candidate at the same time.  Both Gary Johnson and Bill Weld graced the stage of The Late Show tonight sharing the message of the Libertarian Party.

For this I want to thank you profusely.

This may be the furthest the message of Liberty has spread in such a short amount of time ever.  There is no debate over the fact that Ron Paul is the quintessential Libertarian.  But I would like to think that tonight you allowed the American people to see another side of the Libertarian Party. Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are not Ron Paul.

They share a lot of beliefs with the elder Statesman, but they understand the reality of compromise and are able to carefully weave a party persona that people watching your show can appreciate. From supporting marijuana legalization to having some very harsh words for Donald Trump, the two of them were apt ambassadors spreading the message of Liberty.

Bill Weld, the vice presidential candidate, had his first attempt to garner favor while berating Donald Trump and somehow that didn’t quite go over with the crowd, however later in the conversation he unexpectedly caused the crowd to erupt in applause while discussing nuclear proliferation.

The reason they applauded was not that they agreed with what he said, some of them may have not even understood the true consequences of his words.  The reason they applauded was because Bill Weld sounded presidential.  He sounded like someone who knew what he was talking about and had a broad understanding of the world.

A presidential candidate speaking like this is refreshing to the American people.  The crowd at The Late Show applauded Bill Weld because all they have heard for months on end is bickering, name calling, complaining and empty promises.

Gary Johnson gave his stump speech perfectly and showed grace and gratitude for the ability to be in front of such a large audience.  He made sure to hit the liberal high notes because he knows the demography he was reaching.  Marijuana legalization, marriage equality, trashing Donald Trump, embracing being called the ‘fringe candidate’.

If his plan was to woo Bernie Sanders supporters he did exactly that.  He can work on disenfranchised Republicans next with his pro gun, fiscally conservative side.

The Libertarian Party has so much more to offer than what Gary Johnson and Bill Weld shared on The Late Show tonight, but to open the door to thousands or millions of Google searches with just a few sound bites is an incredible feat.

Tonight the Libertarian Party suddenly became a serious contender.

Please have them on again. The Colbert Bump is real.

Thank You Stephen Colbert,

Frank Somma

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  1. Frank N. Blunt

    I’m enduring despite corrupt evil terrorist-ridden kleptocracy that injured, nearly murdered, tortured, abducted, persecuted this honorable USN retiree … also provided Federal funds in many ways that are exploited, misappropriated, & experience malfeasance even to subsidize supposed Homeland Security, along with promoting various military veterans programs such as the rental assistance that has not been provided to me, as well as to alleviate the city & county’s operation & maintenance budgets, but the fraud, waste, & abuse pipeline provided by the DoD 1033 program has threatened, endangered, & harmed citizens while promoting occupation & predation of communities.
    San Diego, CA – Corrupt, Evil, Terrorist-Ridden Kleptocracy


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