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I don’t usually post photo recipes of my daily meals, but I think that is going to change. Why? The mission of The Conscious Resistance Network is to empower people and spread ideas about physical, mental, and spiritual health. This means educating ourselves and others about the failures of the State as much as it does telling people about the value of healthy eating. As Holistic Anarchists we know that liberating our bodies, hearts, and minds means breaking free of the false belief in authority as well as rethinking  how we live and relate to the world at larger. This means challenging not only our relationships to power and coercion, but examining how we educate ourselves, how we treat others in our interpersonal relationships, how we relate to the economy (what kind of currency we use and where we spend it), and yes, what we eat and where we acquire our food.

So, with all that said, I think it’s important to occasionally talk about what I eat and share ideas for tasty recipes. If you are interested in more food blogs, check out our Conscious Vegans on the Road blog. Enjoy!

Broccoli, Cauliflower, Mushrooms, and Strawberries with Tahini, Avocado, Lime, and Red Pepper Sauce

All ingredients are organic!


add  cauliflower

add mushrooms

Add strawberries!

Blend tahini, red pepper, lime, water, and 2 avocados

Blend until creamy (but not watery!)

mix sauce with salad!

Start eating now! (or chill in the fridge and it’s good too)

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  1. Cynthia Idi

    try sauteing onions and mushrooms and put on top of salad– um..! (BTW, your video –“How Long will the People take it?” DOES NOT WORK! 🙁


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