Derrick Broze checks in to break down recent reports of “Innovation Zones” in Nevada and what this means for the push towards Smart Cities. Are these the cities of the future you have always dreamed of? Or are these so-called Smart Cities more akin to prisons? Find out in this report!

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2 Responses

  1. Matt

    Thank you as always Derick for your indepth research on this and so many other topics. Can’t believe only 89 views on this page (and 349 on voluntary tube).

    I have really come around to the realisation that:

    1) the way we operate economically, socially and environmentally is not optimal for anyone to thrive – ie: there are real problems going on in the world

    2) The smart city agenda is based in some way to address these issues

    3) The real problems we face in society is most certainly NOT a reason for increased centralised control and surveilance according to my values of freedom, autonomy and mutual respect

    4) that just being angry at and against smart cities, agenda 21/2030 is not a viable position to be in politically and spiritually given the real need for a shift in how we interact with each other (voluntarilarily) and with mother earth (not just plunder the earth but work with it and to allow it to heal).

    5) Given points above looking for more conscious solutions is the way to go to address these issues

    So for that I am deeply grateful for initiatives like the GREATER reset / decentralisation / freedom cells etc. Keep up the amazing work Derick.


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