We live in a world where everything is categorized and labeled, this helps us make sense our lives and the things around us.  This way of looking at the world is very helpful when it comes to identifying the 5 sense phenomena that we encounter, the things that we can sense, record and measure.  Our verbal and written languages are the tools that we use to build these categories, and they allow us to record our experiences, make predictions about the future, and express our imaginations to those around us.

However, when we do start to reach into the realm of imagination, and predictions about the future, we must understand that this information is purely subjective, and cannot be proven by the 5 senses.  Unfortunately, this distinction is rarely made in philosophical debates, because people either want to insist that everything subjective is impossible, or they want to insist that their specific subjective opinion is absolute truth.

This dynamic has created some of the longest lasting feuds and disputes of all time, including the age old battle between the world’s various religions institutions.  The people who are involved in these battles spend their days arguing over subjective ideas that cannot be proven, and are hating one another because they have a different way of looking at things.

To compound this problem, all the fighting and bickering has turned off many bystanders from even discussing or considering what may lie beyond the 5 senses.  Exploring the realm of imagination, and developing a personal perspective on things like the afterlife, human origins, life origins, consciousness and other unproveable phenomena is essential for having a balanced state of mind, and this is an experience that many people are missing out on because they are discouraged by the fighting that takes place in the name of spirituality.

There are definitely many things that can be observed and proven with the 5 senses, and there are objective philosophical principles such as the non aggression principle, but that does not mean that there is one uniform objective reality.

There is this vast world beyond our five senses and there is mountains of evidence showing that this does exist, there is just no evidence of what it is specifically composed of.

So therefore, it seems that it would be appropriate for everyone to have their own personal interpretation of what lies beyond the five senses and respect the interpretations of others, instead of fighting over something that wont be proven in our lifetimes anyway.

When seeking a spiritual path, even if someone’s intuition isn’t real or true, the experience that they are having and the information that they are bringing back from wherever (even if it is the deepest reaches of their own mind)  is important and necessary for positive growth in this world.

There is a spiritual force that surrounds and connects us, but that force cannot be labelled or measured, and it is something that different individuals should be able to relate to in their own unique way.


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  1. Gen Agustsson

    agreed that spirituality is not about language! we live in an arbitrary world where were constantly being labeled as what were not and we need to be our true selves and not be labeled at all!


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