Tune in Sunday night at 8 pm Central to hear The Conscious Resistance! If you miss it Sunday tune in Monday evening at  5 pm Central to the Voluntary Virtues Network! Check out the Facebook event!

The Conscious Resistance Network presents The Conscious Resistance with Derrick Broze

We will be discussing:

– New Revelations from Snowden

– Solving Homelessness with Technology

– Benefit Corporations?

– Why Compassion Matters

– Resistance at Guantanamo Bay

– A new video from Derrick’s trip

The Conscious Resistance is hosted by Houston based community activist Derrick Broze. Derrick breaks down the political realm from a conscious perspective mixing in geopolitical analysis with spiritual teachings and reflection. The show airs regularly on Sunday nights at 8 pm Central.

Every week we air independent music videos during the show and you can vote on your favorite!

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