Do you know what happening in your own town? Do you have a clue about what is going on?

Why do we choose to neglect truth and continue to be “politically correct”? Stop pretending it’s not happening. Soon, very soon it will affect you if it hasn’t already.

Its a takeover of your country, being done by design by small group of greedy individuals. When will our local officials realize that by them going with this agenda, it will affect them too.

I believe, the “undocumented” people being brought into our country is designed to get the population acclimated to the re-education camps and, the terminology being used is to condition us. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Open borders, with no back ground checks, or any form of documentation is not the answer.

All these people are not at fault, they are only seeking a better life for their family. Would you do the same if your life depended on it?

Ultimately the choice is in the hands of the individual. You can either blindly follow directions or act with dignity and morals. Men and women must begin to use their own common sense and come to the realization that they are being used as pawns, and whether wearing a uniform or not, they are one with us. We the republic are not the enemy.

The enemy hides behind people in uniforms and badges. The enemy hides behind good people that are vulnerable. People that have the right intentions but have been conditioned to obey! obey! obey! To the point that they start losing their morals and human spirit.

Psychotropics and GMO foods along with the chemical soup in tap water has our community completely out touch with reality. This system has preyed on our family and friends long enough. The facade is over though, folks. The rabbit is out of the hat!

It’s pretty obvious they have a personal issues with the family and our values. Corporations and government are trying to destroy us!

Do you still not see it??

Day in and day out, mainstream media takes so much pride in deceiving the public. Just lie after lie after lie, how much longer are you going to believe tv over what you see in real life?

Do your own research, not everything is a conspiracy, in fact very little of what trendy people call Conspiracy is an actual conspiracy. Open Your Eyes friends and family!

The Future of our kids is being trashed and dragged through shit and mud and many people are content to drink their  GMO beer and watch Football or basketball or the Kardashians!

What do you stand for??? Will you fall for nothing??

Take action! Its in your hands.

Talk to the person next to you, confront people with this message, confront them with information and facts.

If we stand together and humble ourselves in our pursuit of freedom and happiness we WILL succeed in helping the human species evolve past the need for violence, ignorance, and outright hate.

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