The Conscious Resistance Live #31 with Derrick Broze

This week Derrick covers the Keystone pipeline, #Mexico43, the G20, Obama’s immigration announcement and asks who owns the earth?


1. NSA reform
2. Barrett Brown
3. CPJ Tips
4. Stingrays (Houston, guide)
5. Ferguson (visiting, state of emergency, FBI, two people arrested for pipebombs)
6. Keystone (fails, an act of war)

This Day in History:
“on November 20, 1969, 89 American Indians boarded boats in Sausalito, California, and made a five-mile trip across foggy San Francisco Bay to Alcatraz Island. Upon landing, they declared the former prison Indian land “by right of discovery” and demanded the U.S. government provide funding to turn it into a Native American cultural center and university. When their terms were ignored, the activists spent more than 19 months occupying the island in defiance of the authorities. Federal officials finally removed the last of the protestors from “the Rock” in June 1971, but not before the occupation had started a national dialogue about the plight of American Indians.”

Main Stories:


On November 16, members of WAR burned six Australian flags in an act of defiance against the colonial state, a message to the Australian government and the Australian public that we will continue our resistance against the onslaught of colonization, the invasion of our lands and lives. The Australian flag represents the pillars of colonial ideology – greed and racism. This ideology was alive in Tony Abbott’s recent comment that this continent was “nothing but bush” prior to invasion in 1788.

Who owns the land?

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