Derrick Broze is back with another episode of The Conscious Resistance Live. This week he will be talking about the alleged terror plot carried out by militias in Michigan, the Vatican sex trial, Donald Trump’s latest statements on Q anon, and much more!

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Trump Denounces White Supremacy, Sidesteps Question On QAnon | NBC News

Popularity of COVID-19 conspiracies and links to vaccine ‘hesitancy’ revealed by international study

Vaccine Reluctance Linked to Belief in Virus Hoaxes: Study

Defense says Gov. Whitmer kidnap plot was just ‘big talk between crackpots’

Leaked docs expose massive Syria propaganda operation waged by Western govt contractors and media

Ex-OPCW chief Jose Bustani reads Syria testimony that US, UK blocked at UN

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3 Responses

  1. mike van horn

    thank you for bringing the truth to the table when it is so hard for real truth to live.

  2. Shauna Pinkerton

    Hey there watching some guy speaking about vaccines and the rise against. I’m not sure where to leave a comment for a tee shirt lol I’m sorry I really enjoy him

  3. Greg

    Wondering if I run from Michigan if them defaulting on my mortgage will cause problems if I join you. Also wondering how I’ll stay in Mexico without going to prison for being an illegal. Also, what would be the plan for me to help support myself, my dog, and your community.


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