The Conscious Resistance Network (TCRN) needs your help! We are planning to fly to Detroit, Michigan to document community activism! We are raising funds til August 1st, 2014. Donate here!

Specifically we are looking to focus on:

– Detroit’s Water Situation – Recently the City of Detroit voted to turn off the water of thousands of people still living in the City. We would like to interview relevant politicians, and document the efforts of activists to support community. The efforts of The Detroit Water Brigade will be a focus. (

– Detroit Threat Management – Led by Commander Dale Brown, Detroit Threat Management offers community protection, teaches self-defense and has been operating for 20 years without a death. In the wake of Detroit’s Economic downturns the DPD has been largely unable to protect the people. Detroit Threat Management has helped fill that void. We want to show some of their work. ( )

– Community Gardening – We have heard there are some strong efforts to keep the community gardening! We want to document this!

– YOUR SUGGESTIONS – We want to cover any other important stories you may know about!

What We Need

We have all the equipment we need and are working on finding places to stay while in Detroit. Depending on the amount of funds raised we will send 1-3 people to Detroit for a week to two weeks. The more people are able to send the easier and better the project will be.

Any contributions will go towards:

– Round Trip Plane Tickets to Detroit ($250-350)
– Food for trip ($100-200)
– Extra funds will go towards the Detroit Water Brigade’s efforts

The Impact

With your help we will be able to document important stories that are happening in our backyard!


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