The Conscious Resistance Network (TCRN) is partnering with the Voluntary Virtues Network (VVN) to bring you another avenue for viewing our program The Conscious Resistance with Derrick Broze.

The Conscious Resistance will air Sunday nights at 8 pm Central right here on TCRN. If you miss it Sunday you can watch it Monday evening at 5 pm Central on VVN. If you miss both days the videos will be released from our youtube channels on Tuesday morning.

We are very excited to partner with Mike Shanklin and VVN! We look forward to working with their team more often!

More on the Voluntary Virtues Network:

Voluntary Virtues Network is a vodcasting educational resource that offers various voluntaryism perspectives from a variety of voluntaryist show hosts. Topics include individual freedom, self-ownership, a stateless society, self-autonomy, the non-aggression principle, anarcho-capitalism, and much more.



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