The Conscious Resistance Network presents: The Activation

Episode 2: How to Be Free with Web3 – In the second episode of The Activation, Derrick Broze talks with activist Mike Swatek about the “Web3”, aka the future of the Internet. Mike explains what it means to be decentralized vs distributed, and why we need both. Mike also shares his favorite upcoming Web3 projects, including which encrypted messaging apps he uses! Don’t miss this one!

Music for The Activation provided by Freejay MacLoud

Show notes:
Find Mike Swatek
Connecting Counter-Economy Buyers With Sellers

Mid-Continent Liberty Festival with peak weekend 17-18 April
An unorganized non-event for fellowship with kindred spirits seeking a stateless society

Web3Only Podcast

“Preparing A Website For Web 3.0 Publication”

IPFS website publishing guide

IPFS Website directory

Assure Your Access To IPFS
(InterPlanetary File System)

Assure Your Access To LBRY

P2P private distributed communication

Robert Braxman for private communications, phones, routers, VPN, etc

The Activation podcast is focused on highlighting cutting edge solutions to empower humanity. From Web3 tech, permaculture, non-violent communication, activism, and community organizing, host Derrick Broze will focus on what YOU can do to overcome the problems in our world. Derrick will also interview guests who are building the solutions for the next stage of humanity.

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