Derrick Broze checks in for a quick update on the Biden Administration’s push for a focus on “Domestic Extremism” and how we can push back.

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Biden Orders Review of Domestic Violent Extremism Threat

Americans Are Being Divided As The War On Domestic Terror Expands

In The Aftermath Of The Capitol Raid, The Facial Recognition Threat Persists

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3 Responses

  1. Rick

    I am completely unable to join the seminar.
    gmail? no.
    I set up a proton email, no
    tried bitchute, no
    tried lbry, no
    tried 2 other gmail, no
    missed the live stream, sadly. I know the power in groups and was hoping for the motivation.
    Derick, your reporting from standing rock opened a new journey for me – Thank YOU!
    I love your work,
    I love your honesty
    I admire your courageous path in life – BRAVO!
    I just want you to know how much they are trying to shut you up… very sad.
    I’m in Thailand and a bit off the track, but I also just joined freedom cells. I have farmland, i had a holistic health center, I understand opposition from the system…
    Big hug to you (and much admiration) my friend!
    All the very best,
    Rick Williams

  2. Dean Gilot

    Please check out Anna Von Reitz and see how WE The People can take back America she has done a ton of work that may help others to understand our history and what we are doing to restore our nation…


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