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In 2019, Derrick Broze’s passion for investigating child trafficking networks led him to investigate the Finders Cult, an elusive group that had previously remained in obscurity. Derrick’s eight-part investigation into The Finders resulted in the documentary, Who Will Find What The Finders Hide?, which exposed the group’s disturbing activities and brought child trafficking to the forefront of public consciousness. Derrick’s work on The Finders has earned him recognition in the Truth community, with many hailing his efforts as instrumental in uncovering the truth about the group. One of the notable aspects of Derrick’s work on The Finders was his interview with Tobe Terrell, a founding member of the group, which was the first such interview in over 25 years. Derrick’s work has contributed to exposing the dark underbelly of child trafficking networks, highlighting the importance of ongoing investigations into such crimes.