In late 2021, The Conscious Resistance Network presents: The Pyramid of Power, a brand-new 16-part documentary series aimed at exposing the individuals and institutions which seek to manipulate our world.

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The Pyramid of Power

“The world of 2020 is rife with chaos.
The people are overwhelmed with fears of pandemics, frustrations with institutional racism, the blunt reality of police violence, and calls for revolution.

These calls grow louder with every day that passes and with every new act of violence the people grow impatient.

It is at this vital juncture that we must question the narratives being fed to us.
If one examines the current paradigm armed with critical thinking, an understanding of historical geopolitics, and a healthy skepticism of power, media, and other official “authorities”, they may walk away with a deeper understanding of our predicament.

Are we allowing the chaos to divide, confuse, and control us?
Is there more to the equation than what we are being shown
on the television and social media?

Are the presidents, prime ministers, kings, and queens the true source of our ills? Or are these figure heads merely symbols meant to distract us from those who truly benefit from a “Great Reset” of our world?

The Conscious Resistance Network presents a brand new documentary series which will expose the various systems and individuals which hold the true power. We aim to expose those who have laid the foundation and continue to build

The Pyramid of Power

Coming Soon from The Conscious Resistance Network”

The Pyramid of Power series

Season 1 (estimated release May 1st, 2021)

Chapter 1: Big Education
Chapter 2: Establishment Media
Chapter 3: Big Tech
Chapter 4: The Hollywood-Military-Intelligence Complex

Season 2 (estimated release August 1st, 2021)
Chapter 5: Big Wireless
Chapter 6: Big Pharma
Chapter 7: The Oilgarchy
Chapter 8: Non-Profit Industrial Complex

Season 3 (estimated release November 1st, 2021)
Chapter 9: Prison-Industrial Complex
Chapter 10: The Intelligence Community
Chapter 11: The Banking Cartel
Chapter 12: The Technocratic State

Season 4 (estimated release February 1st, 2022)
Chapter 13: False Flags Don’t Fly Anymore
Chapter 14: The Pedo-Class
Chapter 15: Religion & Secret Societies
Chapter 16: The Predator Class & The Belief In Authority

2 Responses

  1. James Reinhart

    I don’t understand why war. Each peoples around the world adapted to their environment successfully. We all share the the same humanity but have differences in our adaption, successes and failures. It was and is ignorance combined with arrogance and stupidity that any genocide would happen when we could have increased the value of our lives on this living earth with the wisdom of each and realized a better humanity that worked together. Those who were considered savages were possibly the some of the wisest people as they lived in harmony with the earth and it’s ebbs and flows with the surrounding life being in balance with us as was in what we call Australia, the Americas, Africa and parts of the far east. There was no reason to turn the living into a resource to be hoarded. I have read the very ancient 42 commandments of the Book of the Dead of Egypt and wonder why we did not share, not only among ourselves but with nature and all that is in it. Even the soil was a living entity giving us all the abundance we could ever need.

    The laws are twisted and corporatism or communism, it doesn’t matter as all are oligarchies. The Chiefs of many tribal nations around the world never understood what ownership of this earth was as it belongs to all.

    My belief is we need to walk back the “civilizations” that as shown in the past, when man builds in one location, it will inevitably perish from taking the from the surrounding region and leaving desolation. The loss of the wisdom of people that those who are lovers of money over life itself and consider everything a resource to be used is the greatest loss man and life itself on this planet has ever suffered.

    I watched “Planet of the Humans” exposing the green revolution as nothing more than a giant fraud. All institutions of man are now failed. An ancient Vedic saying goes “the god of the heathen are gold and silver”. The admiralty law we live in is the greatest perversion and scheme for a small amount of people, and the religions of most all the world are a proven fraud when one reads archeological expeditions and the fruit of most are of hate, power, control, access and one sided wealth for one’s clan or a group of like minded people who consider everything as relative and everything having a price (value). The loss of the true beauty of all living things is apparently lost.


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