The Conscious Resistance Network presents: The Pyramid of Power Season 2

The Pyramid of Power is a brand-new 16-part documentary series aimed at exposing the individuals and institutions which seek to manipulate our world.

In season 2 Derrick Broze exposes Big Wireless, The Oilgarchy (Big Oil), Big Pharma and the Medical Cartel, and the danger of Food as a Weapon.

Watch season 1 and 2 and read the transcripts:

The Pyramid Of Power

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    Dear Sir,Madam,
    Great Awakening+Covid1984+WW3+Bio-PsyWar+Crime against Humanity+THE Evil GLOBALISTS Gov+Lie+Deceit WILL FAIL N HUMANITY WILL RISE,Evil can never prevail over good+Stick the jab upto yr ass+1% +GOV,Bastard PARASITE SUCKER goto hell+99% are not stupid n sheeple n slave+take back our health+wealth+lives+happiness+freedom+liberty+Justice
    +Joy+love+Fairness+Dignity+Self Respect+Morality+Ethics+Nature+world+earth+humanity+human rights+empathy+sympathy+morality+mercy+compassion+natural law+common sense+Violation the law of Nature n Morality will be punished by Mother Earth (Evil 1%+Gov.Wanna Kill 99% People,99%Good fight against 1%Evil)+1%+WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE ONLY SURE WAY TO AVOID A TOTALITARIAN TAKEOVER, we 99% are master,1% is slave n bastard Kleptocratic Oligarchy,Billgates=KillGates+totalitarian+ Aristocracy+Nazi Hitler+Fascist+Terrorist+communist government+tyranny+Mass Psychosis+Totalitarianism+Global Depopulation+Child Sacrifice+Domination+hypocrisy+Satanic+Immoral Corps,We stand for Freedom+Body Integrity+Against Psychopathic Tyranny. Silence is Consent, Govs Kills more than Covid+Politicians+criminals against humanity+banksters+fraudsters+Big Media=Big Liars+Demons+Greedy+Selfish+Arrogant+Prejudice+Egocentric+Malicious+Vicious+Harsh+Retarded+Jealousy+Devils+Idiots+Culprit+Killers+Murderers+Robbers+Bandits+Racketeering+Mercenary+Thieves+Corrupt+Bastards+Monsters+Tyranny+Criminals+Liars+Hypocrites+Terrorists+Nazi+Fascist+Scumbag+Suckers+Garbage+PARASITES+Cancer+Obsolete+USELESS EATERS+PSYCHOPATHS+PAEDOPHILES+Retarded+Cruel+Cold Blood+Apathy+Crazy+No Morality,No Ethics,No Empathy,No Compassion,No Love,No Mercy,Not Mankind+Fool me once shame u ,fool me twice Shame On U,ManMade CovidWar Against 99% of People+IGNORANT+Naive SHEEPLE People Since WW2 ! Say No to Vaccine+Depopulation+Medical Fascism+Murder by Injection. LOVE OVER FEAR,Let’s Support Self Life Long Natural Immunity System n Self Healing System+GoVegan+GoNature+GoMoral+
    +GoEthics+GoMercy+Love+Mercy n Compassion for Everything+All life is sacred, whether born or unborn, wanted or unwanted+Respect All Lives All Lives are Equal and Matter+True (Freedom+Liberty+Sovereignty+Democracy+Justice+Righteousness+Self Respect+Dignity)+Stop Acquiescencing+Stop Submission+Non Cooperation+Non Compliance+WE will not comply+WE WILL KNOCK DOWN+Civil Disobedience to the Tyrannical gov ,Dictatorship,Authoritarianism,Fascism,Communism+Gov+Corp+Media+BBC=Virus,Morality Collapse=World Collapse so as to Save ourselves,family,friends,All Lives+Our Mother Earth,dear Gov we are coming for u, if we don’t stand up now our country will be taken from us, take back control, resist,defy,do not comply, Ultimate Proof: Covid was planned to usher in the New World Order, COMPLICIT+COLUSION+SLAVE+BETRAY,just say no to the pricks, our politicians are agents of the nwo,the 1% vs the 99%, remember the people are the politicians boss,nothing is more than powerful than the people globalist’s vs the people,This stops when we say NO!, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ! MORE COMPLY=MORE LIE=MORE DIE, U HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE ! STOP COMLY=END TYRANNY ,we can never be enslaved, Good vs Evil !


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